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Christmas calendar day 16: Look at this!


Sirukko, photo by Satu Pitkänen / Rozpravka photogaphy


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National Pony Show 2013

From Kansallinen Poninäyttely (

Ahonkukka, photo wikimedia commons

Silver coloured filly Ahonkukka, photo from Wikimedia Commons

The national pony show is an annual event that takes place in Vermo, Espoo, Finland. There are altogether over 500 ponies participating, including show- and riding classes and seven different pony breeds (Connemara pony, Welsh pony, New Forest Pony, Shetland pony and Minishetland, Gotland Russ pony, Pony-sized finnhorse and partbreds). The show takes place 3rd-4th of August and there is no entrance fee if you wish to go and see the show and loads of pretty ponies. :)

This year the pony-sized finnhorse (finnpony:) show rings got 29 participants (Sunday 4th of August):

Name Sire – Dam – Broodmare sire
Hagelundin Aarre Tintin Timjami – Pikku-Onerva – Kelmi
Leiskan Luoti Postipoju – Myrskyn Helmi – A.T. Ukko-Myrsky
Tuokkonen Jepon Julius – Vuohimäen Tuohi – Pölyke
Unita v-12 Millin Nokinen – Unita – Mikker
Millin Velmupöly Pölyke – Vuohimäen Silmu – Tussari
Sirukko Sibbo – Riikan Siru – Hiprakka
Tintin Neilikka Tintin Timjami – Oksasimana – Varjo-Luonnos
Tulilumme Murron Valo – Tulililja – Portteri
Kuukson Josefina Voiveikko – Aatafina – Aatami
Tintin Lipstikka Liptus – Vieno-Kaneli – Jessimo
Merimaan Ruu A.T. Unikuva – Vätsäri – Pysteri
Tulileimutar A.T. Unikuva – Tulilumikki – A.T. Vinski
Väisälän Veenus Millin Nokinen – Vilin Leija – Tähen Muisto
Myntti Liptus – Helan Hilkku – Jeppo
Pikku Roo Ruuvin Roope – Solitar – Rick
Penny Tussarin Luonnos – Helan Hilkku – Jeppo
Tuhkimon Telma A.T. Ukko-Myrsky – Epona – Virkamus
Vuohimäen Silmu Tussari – S.O. Jessiina – Jessimo
Vieno-Kaneli Jessimo – H.H. Veera – Hilun-Valtti
Millin Xpertti
Millin Yösydännä Pölyke – Vuohimäen Silmu – Tussari
Rannan Rakkaus Pikku-Jätkä – Tuhkimon Telma – A.T. Ukko-Myrsky
Timilän Pisara A.T. Ukko-Myrsky – Penny – Tussarin Luonnos
Tintin Sahrami Pölyke – Vieno-Kaneli – Jessimo
Tintin Timjami Tussarin Luonnos – Vieno-Kaneli – Jessimo
Villin Vilkeri Villeri – Miisa – V.T. Valtteri
Raja-Hurrikaani Patrik – Hili Teri – Hilu
Elomyrsky Sibbo – A.T. Pikku-Unelma – Portteri
Ukkoralli Ukkosen Poika – Rilla Lai – Vokkerilla

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Photo of the week: Tuulensuun Sinuhe

Tuulensuun Sinuhe, photo by Heini Luttinen

Tuulensuun Sinuhe, photo by Heini Luttinen

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Photo of the week: Vuohimäen Hilla


Vuohimäen Hilla, photo by Sini Tuhkunen

Summer is coming, I can feel it!


What is the deal with pony-sized finnhorses?

Friisin Paletti has also been shown in combined driving arenas. Photo by Jasmina Sulkumäki

Friisin Paletti. Photo by Jasmina Sulkumäki

Pony-sized finnhorse, small horse, yet not a pony, but in my opinion a bit more describing term would be “finnpony”. One breeding section of the finnhorse, but

What is it actually?

Finnhorse was originally a small horse breed to start with, standing 105-130 cm in height. Crossbreeding gave them bigger size in pursue of strong working horses, resulting in the modern, 150-160 cm high finnhorses by average.

P-studbook was founded in 1971, when there was only a small population of these pony-sized horses left. There are breeders who are looking for these smaller individuals. The criteria for P-studbook is pretty similar to other pony breeds: the horse has to stand 148 cm or below at highest and be well proportioned, meaning small in every aspect, not just a big horse with short legs. Inspection consists of showing and riding or driving tests, which do not include very difficult tasks and passing is considered generally easier than to other studbooks.

So you could say that the P-studbook was founded to answer the growing demand of riding ponies. Importing riding horses and ponies grew vastly in the 70’s. Nowadays finnhorses have made their way to riding arenas but pony-sized finnhorses seem to be left behind. Or is this just my feeling?

Color range is quite rich among pony-sized finnhorses. Black stallion Millin Nokinen, photo by Hippos/Eero Perttunen

Color range is quite rich among pony-sized finnhorses. Black stallion Millin Nokinen, photo by Hippos/Eero Perttunen

What can you do with them?

Short answer: Anything.

Longer answer: Most often Finnponies are used for riding and driving. They are advertised as a multipurpose pony, since you can race them, ride them or use them as work horses same as the bigger ones, the only limit being the horse’s small size, which on the other hand makes them good for pony classes in riding and combined driving. A few finnponies have already shown their skills in combined driving, for example Hessin Vihtori and Vuohimäen Havu both placed in international Baltic Cup in 2012 and also in the Finnish championships.

Personally I think that the biggest problem in riding competitions are the age limitations for riders. After you turn 16, you either have to take your pony to open classes against bigger horses or switch to horses yourself. This means that very few adult riders are seen in the saddles of ponies in Finland. Luckily the Pony-sized Finnhorse Association has noticed this flaw as well and organizes their championships for both senior and junior riders on finnponies. But that’s only once a year…

There are also a few successful trotters that are pony-sized, the most famous of them must be stallion called Liptus, who competed altogether 412 times in his career with record 1.21,4 and over 300 000 € winnings, standing only 144 cm in height. Most often small horses are considered less good for racing, though, since the horses with longer legs seem to get an obvious advantage on the track.

Finnpony has its own fan base, but from the marketing point of view it could have a bit clearer brand so it would be easier to introduce to new people and possible buyers and future breeders. “Anything, but not exactly everything” doesn’t work very well as a motto for today’s market.

What do you think could be a good slogan for finnponies? :)

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The Best of 2012

From Vuoden parhaat 2012 ( 28.3.2013)

Older stallions & geldings

Tähti-Vokker – Erika
Owner Tuikka Helena & Varjonen Jaakko, Breeder Tolonen Riitta-Liisa

Erikasson ja taustajoukot

  • biggest earnings ( 94 900 €) in 2012
  • Trotter King 2012, placed second in Nordic Championship, three T75-wins

Older mares

Turo – Donna-Min
Owners Haukivaara Terhi & Heikkinen Esa, breeder Pentti Haukivaara


  • Best season as a 13-year-old: 61 700€ in 2012
  • Great performance throughout the year from January to December, 29 starts with 8 wins and 8 places
  • Best time 1.21,9a
  • Placed third in the trotter queen race
  • Three wins in T65 races

5-year-old stallions and geldings

A.T. Eko – Imun Ilo
Owner Jaakko Mikkonen, breeder Matti Mikkonen


  • Richest 5-yo finnhorse with 52 440€ earnings
  • K-Maatalous Cup-finale (1p. 10 000 €) winner, Derby winner, L. Fabritius Memorial – Åbofemman-winner

5-year-old mares

Viesker- Cordiitta
Owner/breeder Ravitalli Suuronen Oy

  • Wins in filly- and young horse races, Villimies mare race winner, altogether 7 wins and record 1.25,3a record, placed third in the little king race for five-year-olds
  • 33 600€ earnings in 2012

4-yer-old stallions and geldings

Siirin Älli
Liising- Siirin Piirto

Owner Tapani Krapu, breeders Belt Outi & Idström Hannu

  • Kriterium-, Oulu Express- and Tapiola cup winner
  • new Finnish record for four-year-olds in Oulu Express race
  • Second richest of all finnhorses in 2012 after Erikasson

4-year-old mares

Viesker – Hiskin Vimma
Owner/breeder Pekka Lillbacka

  • Best earnings in 4-year-old mares category, 13 850 €
  • Ilkka-ajo winner

3-year-old stallions and geldings

Veeran Poika
Erikasson – Ruutu-Veera
Owner Palmroth Henri&Kyösti&Terno, Breeder Palmroth Kyösti & Terno

  • 3 starts, 3 wins
  • Varsat vauhdissa –finale winner

3-year-old mares

Liising – Kihin Ihme
Owner/breeder Heikki Karjula


  • Biggest earnings in 3-yo mare statistics 9 850 €
  • 3 wins in 2012


g. Laaserin Kuva
Laaseri – Peilikuva

Owner Teija Lehtonen, breeder Lasse Ritala

  • Nordic Championship winner in Sweden 2012

Work horse

s. Suikun Lukko
Suikun Ero – Luonto-Riina

Owner Jarmo Korkeaniemi, breeder Markku Pajunen.

  • Work Horse Champion 2012


s. Corleone
Erovisku – Karine

Owner Talli Hermannin nuorisoseura. Breeder Mitja Nummenmaa & Petra Rantala

  • Dressage Champion 2012
  • 7 st, 5 wins, 2 places

Show jumper

g.  K.P. Sampo
Teme – Helli-Eeva

Owner Tmi Laura Niinimäki & Damski Saara. Breeder Kauko Pietiläinen

  • Show jumping champion 2012
  • 6 st, 4 wins, 1 place

Pony-sized finnhorse

s. Vuohimäen Havu
Ellun Voi – S.O. Jessiina

Owner Miina Äkkijyrkkä. Breeder Helena Lindahl

Vuohimäen Havu

  • Silver medalist in finnhorse driving championships
  • Finnish Championship silver medalist (all breeds)
  • Baltic Cup winner in Lithuania with fastest marathon time, Baltic Cup silver medalist in the final results
  • Second in Finnish combined driving  pony ranking
  • Part of the Finnish national team


r. Tuli-Kisa
Rallaus – Kisa-Posti
Owner Ida & Emma Björkman, Breeder Juha Mäkelä.

  • Eventing champion 2012
  • 7 st, 2 wins, 2 places

Combined Driving

r. Hessin Vihtori
Vahto – Vilkku-Valo
Owner Leena & Hannu Kalalahti, breeder Heidi Sinda

  • 2012 Combined driving champion (ponies)
  • Finnhorse combined driving champion
  • Baltic Cup pony class winner
  • Ranking winner of all driving horses with 202 points.
  • 9 st, 7 wins, 2 second places in 2012