It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

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“The head of the horse was made of stone, hooves out of rock and legs out of iron. The back of the foal was forged from metal.”

Today we celebrate the Finnhorse day, the day to honor our one and only Finnish horse breed with waving flags and respect. The studbook for the Finnhorse was founded 6th of September 1907, so our horse has been documented for 107 years and about ten generations now.


(The first) two generations of finnhorses on our yard. Elyse & Epeli.

The finnhorse is, has been and will be a significant part of the Finnish horse industry. This day is a reminder that there are thousands of finnhorse friends. Each and every finnhorse breeder, rider, trainer, driver and fan is important and there’s room for more. In my opinion, even internationally, which is the prime reason why I’m writing this blog in English.

About the headline quote

In the Finnish mythology the horse has an iron origin. Väinämöinen rode the iron horse (“Hiiden varsa”) above the waters of primeval sea, a malicious stranger shot his horse, and the old tietäjä fell into the ocean. Horses are also present in spells and incantations. Commonly spells were used to protect horses from hazards and to prevent them from escaping when horses were released to summer pastures. In some spells horse’s spirit is also called to banish malicious forces (kateet) or to assist the tietäjä in his work. Few spells that were used to stop wounds from bleeding call the mythical first foal (“Hiiden varsa”) to stop the blood flow. (Thanks again to Suomenusko/Anssi for this translation).

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Happy Finnhorse Day 2014!


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Finn Horse Day 2013

The Finn Horse has been bred as a pure breed for 106 years.  Suomen Hippos, the head organisation of horse breeding and harness racing in Finland, gives a flag recommendation on sixth of September annually.

The Finn Horse Declaration

This declaration was given at Ypäjä Equine College yesterday sixth of September 2013. Ypäjä is one of the biggest Finn horse breeders in Finland. Here’s a rough translation of the speech:

The Finn horse’s studbook was founded 106 years ago. The Finnish horse has been bred as a pure breed ever since. At first the purpose was to breed a draft horse that would cope with the Finnish climate. Later on the Finn horse  was given a task to work as a riding horse for the army, then for harness racing and nowadays also as a riding horse for leisure riders.

The Finn horse has always lived up to any task given to it, and even exceeded. It is one of the most versatile horses in the world. The Finn horse has helped us built this country and also defended it. Nowadays Finn horse serves as a sport and leisure horse just as honestly as its ancestors did. We owe for our national horse, the symbol of Finnishness. Our task is to give these horses the honor they have earned also in the future. Let’s be proud of our Finn horse.