It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

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Christmas calendar day 3: Western Finn


Photo by Satu Pitkänen / Rozpravka Photography


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Off to Ypäjä


About 400 Finn horses competing at Ypäjä this weekend -dressage, jumping, combined driving and young horse evaluation (3-5yo.) at Ypäjä. I’m just now packing my last items before leaving for Ypäjä, it’s going to be one busy weekend. :)

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Video: Run, my little horse

Krisse posted this video on her blog where she writes about her 3-year-old young stallion Rohkelikon Into. “Ukko” has been in training for the last two months with Vilppu at Ypäjä, preparing for the annual young horse show.

The song on the video is “Juokse sinä humma” sung by Tapio Rautavaara. Translation for the lyrics at

Run my little horse

Run my little horse,
Since the sky is so dark
And the travel ahead is rather long.
In the end that girl didn’t come to my ride,
For I’m a boy on the wild side.

Hey my little horse, hey my little horse,
Huputiti hey my little horse!

Run my little horse,
Since the sky is so dark
And we are going by slowly with the two of us.
Horse is the only treasure of a boy,
No-one else has quite alike it.

Hey my little horse, hey my little horse,
Huputiti hey my little horse!

Run my little horse,
Since the sky is so dark
And shadows are covering my way.
Quietly my song echoes from the road
And my flaxen horse is swaying its mane.


Run my little horse,
Since the sky is so dark
And a bell is under the shaft.
Ohh, how small pieces
Is my bread across the world.


Run my little horse,
When the sky is so dark
And wind is moaning in the wood.
There’s a small cottage in the curve of a road
And Cherrylip is staying there.


Hey my little horse, hey my little horse,
Hey, stop here my little horse.

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Video: Vilpo at dressage championships in 1997

video by Katri Leppämäki


The Best of 2012

From Vuoden parhaat 2012 ( 28.3.2013)

Older stallions & geldings

Tähti-Vokker – Erika
Owner Tuikka Helena & Varjonen Jaakko, Breeder Tolonen Riitta-Liisa

Erikasson ja taustajoukot

  • biggest earnings ( 94 900 €) in 2012
  • Trotter King 2012, placed second in Nordic Championship, three T75-wins

Older mares

Turo – Donna-Min
Owners Haukivaara Terhi & Heikkinen Esa, breeder Pentti Haukivaara


  • Best season as a 13-year-old: 61 700€ in 2012
  • Great performance throughout the year from January to December, 29 starts with 8 wins and 8 places
  • Best time 1.21,9a
  • Placed third in the trotter queen race
  • Three wins in T65 races

5-year-old stallions and geldings

A.T. Eko – Imun Ilo
Owner Jaakko Mikkonen, breeder Matti Mikkonen


  • Richest 5-yo finnhorse with 52 440€ earnings
  • K-Maatalous Cup-finale (1p. 10 000 €) winner, Derby winner, L. Fabritius Memorial – Åbofemman-winner

5-year-old mares

Viesker- Cordiitta
Owner/breeder Ravitalli Suuronen Oy

  • Wins in filly- and young horse races, Villimies mare race winner, altogether 7 wins and record 1.25,3a record, placed third in the little king race for five-year-olds
  • 33 600€ earnings in 2012

4-yer-old stallions and geldings

Siirin Älli
Liising- Siirin Piirto

Owner Tapani Krapu, breeders Belt Outi & Idström Hannu

  • Kriterium-, Oulu Express- and Tapiola cup winner
  • new Finnish record for four-year-olds in Oulu Express race
  • Second richest of all finnhorses in 2012 after Erikasson

4-year-old mares

Viesker – Hiskin Vimma
Owner/breeder Pekka Lillbacka

  • Best earnings in 4-year-old mares category, 13 850 €
  • Ilkka-ajo winner

3-year-old stallions and geldings

Veeran Poika
Erikasson – Ruutu-Veera
Owner Palmroth Henri&Kyösti&Terno, Breeder Palmroth Kyösti & Terno

  • 3 starts, 3 wins
  • Varsat vauhdissa –finale winner

3-year-old mares

Liising – Kihin Ihme
Owner/breeder Heikki Karjula


  • Biggest earnings in 3-yo mare statistics 9 850 €
  • 3 wins in 2012


g. Laaserin Kuva
Laaseri – Peilikuva

Owner Teija Lehtonen, breeder Lasse Ritala

  • Nordic Championship winner in Sweden 2012

Work horse

s. Suikun Lukko
Suikun Ero – Luonto-Riina

Owner Jarmo Korkeaniemi, breeder Markku Pajunen.

  • Work Horse Champion 2012


s. Corleone
Erovisku – Karine

Owner Talli Hermannin nuorisoseura. Breeder Mitja Nummenmaa & Petra Rantala

  • Dressage Champion 2012
  • 7 st, 5 wins, 2 places

Show jumper

g.  K.P. Sampo
Teme – Helli-Eeva

Owner Tmi Laura Niinimäki & Damski Saara. Breeder Kauko Pietiläinen

  • Show jumping champion 2012
  • 6 st, 4 wins, 1 place

Pony-sized finnhorse

s. Vuohimäen Havu
Ellun Voi – S.O. Jessiina

Owner Miina Äkkijyrkkä. Breeder Helena Lindahl

Vuohimäen Havu

  • Silver medalist in finnhorse driving championships
  • Finnish Championship silver medalist (all breeds)
  • Baltic Cup winner in Lithuania with fastest marathon time, Baltic Cup silver medalist in the final results
  • Second in Finnish combined driving  pony ranking
  • Part of the Finnish national team


r. Tuli-Kisa
Rallaus – Kisa-Posti
Owner Ida & Emma Björkman, Breeder Juha Mäkelä.

  • Eventing champion 2012
  • 7 st, 2 wins, 2 places

Combined Driving

r. Hessin Vihtori
Vahto – Vilkku-Valo
Owner Leena & Hannu Kalalahti, breeder Heidi Sinda

  • 2012 Combined driving champion (ponies)
  • Finnhorse combined driving champion
  • Baltic Cup pony class winner
  • Ranking winner of all driving horses with 202 points.
  • 9 st, 7 wins, 2 second places in 2012