It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

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Peppi’s first show

We took Peppi to her first (official) show a few weeks back. What an exciting day in Peppi’s life! She experienced what it was like to travel alone, without mommy on board.

She received a II- prize (range from III- to I). She was the second best of her class with good points: type 7, barrel 8, legs 7, hooves 8, walk 7, trot 7 (scale 1-10).  She is now 132 cm at withers and 136 at croup, which means that she is growing quite fast at the moment but is still a bit smaller than the others (most of them were around 135-140cm). Maybe she wants to be a pony after all? ;)

All results (pdf)


A bit worried look… “What’s happening?”


Posing for the jury


Swish! Look what I can do!




Feeling pretty!


132 cm at withers, 136 at croup

Photos by Jaana Hohti and Satu Pitkänen/Rozpravka Photography, see more at Peppi’s Sukuposti page.


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Christmas calendar day 24: Merry Christmas


Photo by Satu Pitkänen / Rozpravka Phtography

Merry Christmas to all my readers!

Jaapeli agreed to pose for an elf photo. ;)

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Christmas calendar, day 23: Dashing through the snow…

A bit older picture of Karu Usva. Right now there’s not so much snow… :(

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Christmas calendar day 22: Swimming

B. Helmiina, photo by Hippos / Irina Keinänen

Trotter queen B. Helmiina enjoying the summer. :)

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Christmas calendar day 21: What’s she doing?


Photo by Satu Pitkänen / Rozpravka Photography

Lads had some trouble trying to figure out what that human meant with all that clicking and whistling. When they tried to approach, photographer walked away! “What’s that all about?” they seemed to wonder…

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Christmas calendar day 20: Sleigh ride


Photo by Satu Pitkänen / Rozpravka photography

This gentleman is called Viksanteri. :)

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Christmas Calendar day 19: Peppi, 6 months old


Epona Huisko, photo by Viivi Huuskonen

Little one is already 6 months old! This photo was taken December 1st, 2013. :)