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Turku hosts the Royal races 2016

From and Kuninkuusravit – in English


The 85th Royal Race, Kuninkuusravit, takes place in the oldest city and former capital of Finland, Turku.

The Kuninkuusravit weekend is the biggest harness racing event in Finland, attracting about 50-60 000 spectators every year. This is the sixth time Turku race track organizes the races.

Turku has taken an active role in marketing the event also for international audience. I’m sure you don’t haveto be a Finn to enjoy the races. :)

Ships traffic between Turku and Stockholm on a daily basis, so it’s very easy to travel from Sweden. Turku  also has an airport and is only a few hours away from Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

Why visit?

Some say, they aren’t even interested in harness racing overall, but this weekend is a must. For some it’s the overall atmosphere, for some the festival around the event, that makes them return every year.

But I’d say for me and many like me, the main reason is that the biggest stars in this event are the Finn horses.

I can only imagine what it feels like to own, train or have bred a horse that gets to compete for the crown… I believe it’s a dream of every single Finn horse trotter breeder (including myself), the goal.


Huisi Hemmo, Trotter king 2025?

I’ll be there, let’s meet up ;)

Read more:


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Christmas is every year, but Kuninkuusravit only once a year!


Suivikas leads the Trotter King ranking at the moment. Photo by Hippos/Ilkka Nisula

Only 45 days left, my friends. :)

This year the biggest harness racing event in Finland, the Kuninkuusravit, will take place at Joensuu, in Eastern Finland on 1st and 2nd of August, 2015. We still don’t know the 12 stallions and 12 mares that will get to race for the crowns, but the rankings will keep the speculations going until the signing day.

(I’m cheering for Vieskerin Valo and Camri, because of reason 1 and reason 2 ;))

See more videos at Joensuu Race Track’s Youtube Channel

I have come across a few different translations for the name of this event. Should “Kuninkuusravit” be translated as the Coronation Trot, the Royal Race(s), the finnhorse Trotting Championships or something else? All of these seem to fit to the definition – it’s an annual horse racing event where the best trotters of this breed compete for the titles of King and Queen (kuningas = king in Finnish, kuninkuus = royalty).

Please let me know your thoughts – I have struggled with this translation for a while now! Or should we just call it “Kuninkuusravit”? ;)

Another ad for this year’s event.

Kuninkuusravit – The Royal Race

The Royal Race, an annual competition for Finnhorse, is held this year in Joensuu, the heart of North Karelia. It is the greatest harness racing event in Finland, and gathers approximately 60 000 spectators every year. It has been held three times before in Joensuu. This year the Royal Race is raced for the 84th time.

The competitors – 12 stallions and 12 mares – participate for three partial races. On Saturday, the first competition day, the horses race 2100 meters. On Sunday, the second competition day, the first race’s length is one mile (1609 meters) and the second race, the most demanding of all, is 3100 meters.

The Royal Race has been said to be one of the hardest competitions in harness racing worldwide, as the horses must race three times in two days. The winners of overall competitions will be crowned as the Trotting King and the Trotting Queen, and winning these titles is highly appreciated.

History of the Royal Races in Joensuu

The first Royal Races were held already in 1924. The Royal Races in Joensuu have quite a remarkable meaning in the history of this amazing event: in the 1948 competition the King and Queen were both selected, as until that the stallions and mares were competing together.

Year 1984 is remembered for one man and his talent: Pentti Savolainen was the breeder, owner, trainer and driver of both the King Vekseli and the Queen Vekkuliina. This is considered to be an unbreakable record.

At the latest Royal Races, year 2000, Viesker (which many consider to be “the greatest racing Finnhorse in history”) was crowned as the King – for the fifth time in a row! Only two other stallions – Vieteri and Vekseli – have succeeded five times, but not consecutively.

Unforgettable weekend – every year

Although the Finnhorse is the main attraction, there are many more great events during the weekend. Finnish Championship of Monté, a French-originating sport where the trotters are actually ridden, not driven, is exciting and speedy race.

While most of the drivers are men, most of the riders are women: one would be amazed of their strength. Many more races with top-class horses fill the air with excitement and the thrill of betting. The evening party has well-known artists and it serves as an annual get-together for those, who dedicate their life to the world of horse sports.


I’ll be there – will you?

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Trotter King Candidates 2014

From Ravikuningas- ja kuningatarkandidaatit on valittu ( 22.7.2014)

It’s that time of the year again!

These  twelve stallions will take part in Coronation Trot event, a competition that consists of three races within two days. On Saturday they set the bar at 2100 m race, on Sunday they race first at 1600 m distance and the final race is a 3100 m, only few hours later.

The horse which performs best in all three races wins the king’s crown. These are the absolute best stallions of this breed at the moment, so we are once again looking forward to an exciting battle of the titans next weekend at Pori. :)

Here are some statistics on the King candidates. See the Queen candidates here.

Who’s your favorite?



Born 2003, breeder Pekka Luukkonen, owner Team Boker, trainer Esa Holopainen

Race statistics 112, 27-14-13, winnings 300.400€, records 1.21,0a – 1.21,4v

This year: 10, 1-0-3, 14.800€ 1.22,3a – 1.21,8v



Born 2006, breeder Jani Konnu, owner Itä-Savon Hevosystäväinseura ry, trainer Jorma Konnu

Race statistics 62, 19-13-4, winnings 110.394€, records 1.20,9a – 1.23,9v

This year: 7, 0-3-0 1.21,1a

Elias Intomieli


Born 2004, breeder Kainuun Ammattiopisto-Liikelaitos, owner Team Elias, trainer Timo Mäkäräinen

Race statistics: 68, 26-7-2, 103.270€ 1.221,a – 1.25,3v

This year: 13, 4-3-0, 43.600€, 1.221,a – 1.27,7v



Born 2003, breeder Kauppapuutarha Ylitalo Oy & Lähdekorpi Esa, owner Talli Hullumies, trainer Seppo Sarkola

Race statistics: 94, 25-11-9, winnings 164.630€, winnings 1.21,0a – 1.22,5v

This year: 8, 2-0-0, 7.100€, 1.21,3a – 1.22,9v



Born 2002, breeder Kyösti Hagert, owner Kolme Hevosta Tmi & Kilpiäinen J.& Varis M., trainer Jari Nylund

Race statistics: 57, 24-7-3, winnings 86.515€ records 1.22,0a – 1.23,0v

This year: 12, 4-0-1 13.575€ 1.22,1a – 1.23,4v



Born 2003, breeders & owners Korhonen Jyrki & Maija, trainer Jyrki Korhonen

Race statistics: 175, 27-21-16 winnings 276.880€, records 1.20,8a – 1.23,3v

This year: 14, 4-1-1, 42.700€ 1.22,3a – 1.23,5v



Born 2004, breeder, owner  & trainer Juha-Matti Paavola

Race statistics: 151, 20-21-22, 94.440€1.21,7a – 1.24,2v

This year: 18, 0-2-3, 8.700€ 1.21,7a – 1.24,2v

Rapin Aatos


Born 2006, breeder Mari Rautiainen, owner Fanfaria Team, trainer Jouni Miettinen

Race statistics: 82, 14-16-10, 101.546€ 1.21,1a – 1.23,7v

This year: 16, 2-2-2, 25.046€ 1.21,1a – 1.23,7v



Born 2006, breeder Eeva-Liisa Kortekallio, owner Ravitalli Juha Kortekallio, trainer Juha Kortekallio

Race statistics: 55, 19-8-4, winnings 94.910€ records 1.22,2a – 1.24,1v

This year: 12, 3-1-1, 32.450€ 1.22,2a – 1.24,9v

Tapsan Tahti


Born 2002, breeder Tapio Perttunen, owner Talli Rytmiryhmä, trainer Tapio Perttunen

Race statistics: 142, 16-18-21, winnings 116.800€, records 1.21,5a – 1.22,7

This year: 13, 2-1-2, 34.400€ 1.23,3a – 1.22,7v

Vieskerin Valo


Born 2004, breeder & owner Janita Bollström, trainer Pertti Niveri

Race statistics: 132, 24-21-13, winnings 129.260€ 1.21,3a – 1.22,9v

This year: 15, 5-1-1, 30.450€ 1.23,0a – 1.22,9v



Born 2005, breeders & owners Naumanen Jorma & Tiina, trainer Jorma Naumanen

Race Statistics: 92, 14-24-15, winnings 184.270€, records 1.21,0a – 1.22,1v

This year: 7, 0-4-1, 27.000€, 1.21,0a – 1.22,5v

 Photos: Hippos photo bank

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Trotter Queen candidates 2014

From Ravikuningas- ja kuningatarkandidaatit on valittu ( 22.7.2014)

It’s that time of the year again!

These  twelve mares will take part in Coronation Trot event, a competition that consists of three races within two days. On Saturday they set the bar at 2100 m race, on Sunday they race first at 1600 m distance and the final race is a 3100 m only few hours later.

The horse which performs best in all three races wins the queen’s crown. These are the absolute best mares of this breed at the moment, so we are once again looking forward to an exciting battle of the titans next weekend at Pori. :)

Here are some statistics on the Queen candidates. See the King candidates here.

Who’s your favorite?

Queen candidates



Born 2001, breeder Kiia-Karoliina Nieminen, owner Likan Talli, trainer Esa Heikkinen

Race statistics: 195, 15-21-18, winnings 94.105 €, records 1.22,5a – 1.24,0v

This year: 10, 0-2-1, winnings 5.650 €, 1.24,0a and 1.26,8v



Born 2005, breeder Good-Talli Oy, owner & trainer Anna-Mari Sipilä

Race statistics 76, 16-9-10, winnings 70.620 €, records 1.22,8a – 25,7v

This year: 11, 4-1-2, 1.23,0a – 25,7v

Kemun Tutu


Born 2006, breeder Pentti Hokkanen, owner Fanfaria Team, trainer Jouni Miettinen

Race statistics: 111, 9-23-16, winnings 68.225€, records 1.23,2a – 1.24,0v

This year: 22, 1-3-5, winnings 15.575€, 1.23,3a – 1.24,3v



Born 2006, breeder, owner & trainer Heikki Karjula

Race statistics: 78, 15-7-5, winnings  75.020€ records 1.22,9a – 1.24,9v

This year: 14, 1-0-0, 7.040€ 1.22,9a – 1.25,1v

Mian Mari


Born 2007, breeder Pekka Raudasoja, owner & trainer Jussi Isokoski

Race statistics: 56, 5-10-11, winnings 37.180€, records 1.22,7a – 1.23,8v

This year: 13, 0-3-4, 9.830€ 1.22,7a – 23,8v



Born 2003, breeder Kivimäki Seppo & Oravisjärvi Pekka, owner Flankkila E.& Salmela E.& S.& S., trainer Jukka-Pekka Kauhanen

Race statistics: 96, 21-21-10,winnings 65.160€ records 1.22,2a – 1.24,2v

This year: 14, 2-2-1, 6.725€ 1.22,5a – 24,2v

Saaga S

saaga s

Born 2006, breeder Keskimaunu S. & Keskimaunu J. & J., owner & trainer Ilkka Pyysalo

Race statistics: 65, 12-10-11, winnings 86.310€ records 1.21,9a – 1.24,7v

This year: 9, 1-2-1, 20.550€ 1.21,9a – 1.24,7v



Born 2002, breeder Petteri Salonen, owners Kallio T.&Järvinen P.&Tahlo J., trainer Mika Kallio

Race statistics: 273, 12-16-21, winnings 64.785€ records 1.22,5a – 1.24,7v

This year: 25, 1-2-2, 7.880€ 1.23,4a  -1.24,7v

Topin Musta


Born 2004, breeder, owner & trainer Topi Piikkilä

Race statistics: 84, 23-12-9, winnings 68.680€ 1.24,0a – 1.24,2v

This year: 11, 0-2-0, 4.850€ 1.24,3a – 1.25,3v



Born 2005, breeder Kari Viitala, owners Romsi H.& H.& Liimatta J.&Pennanen T., trainer Jouni Miettinen

Race statistics: 112, 18-14-15, winnings 76.225€ 1.23,1a – 1.24,5v



Born 2006, breeder Maatalousyhtymä Tuomaala, owner Saarinen Tomi & Sipilä Annamari, trainer Tomi Saarinen

Race statistics: 70, 15-7-5, winnings 86.720€ records 1.23,8a – 1.24,5v

This year: 7, 2-0-1, 11.850€ 1.23,8a – 1.24,5v

Yllin Kyllin


Born 2002, breeder Sanna Aaltonen, owner Merkkari Talli, trainer Teemu Okkolin

Race statistics: 99, 16-10-12, winnings 108.160 € , records 1.22,5a – 1.24,9v

This year: 8, 1-0-0, 3.100 € 1.22,5a – 1.27,1v

Photos: Hippos photo bank

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The new Coronation Trot ranking system explained (go, Valo, go!)

From Vieskerin Valo viikon ranking-nousija (

Vieskerin Valo

Vieskerin Valo at the coronation Trot in Kuopio 2013

Traditional Coronation Trot ranking system has been given an update this year.

Vieskerin Valo (the sire of our next horsey baby, by the way :) ) received 20 more points by winning the Killerin Kimara race at Jyväskylä on Saturday 26th of April (You can watch the race here), so he got mentioned in the weekly report. Go, daddy, go!

Here’s an example of how the new system works:

Valo has 47 ranking points at the moment, which earns him the 9th place at the ranking. Horses can earn these ranking points in 11 categories. The best horse of each category gets 15 points, the second 12, third 10, and so on by 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. For example Finnish records, high earnings from this and last year and good records from each racing distance (1600, 2100, 2600, 3100 m) give the horse quite good points in this ranking.

  • Vieskerin Valo earns 15 points for having the best record at 3100 m distance.
  • This year’s best results at 2100 m autostart races. Vieskerin Valo’s newest 23,7a is the second fastest this year, so he earns 12 points for it (ranking leader in this category is Villihotti).
  • In this year’s earnings category the points get multiplied by three. Vieskerin Valo is placed 8th in the earnings category, so he get 4 points, which adds up to 12 ranking points.
  • He earns 7 points for having the fifth best record at 2600 m distance (volt). Plus he earns one point at earnings of 2013 ranking.

See the full ranking tables by clicking here. The online ranking page updates weekly.

“What’s this Coronation Trot you speak of?”

The Coronation Trot is the biggest annual finnhorse event, the biggest trotting event and one of the biggest summer events of all in Finland, gathering about 60 000 people to watch the best finnhorses race. Stallions compete for the crown of a Trotter King and the best mare is crowned as the Trotter Queen. This year this event takes place in Pori on 2.-3.8.2014. The ranking defines which horses get to participate the race.

This English-spoken video from a couple of years back sums up quite well the history and present day of the Coronation Trot event:

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King and queen candidates 2013

From Kuningas- ja kuningatarkandidaattien esittelyt (

Trotter King race 2013

A.T. Visku

Turo – A.T. Viksu – Vokker

Photo: Terhi Piispa-Helisten
  • Owner: Katri & Pasi Teini, Eura
  • Breeder: Aapo Teperi, Köyliö
  • Trainer: Pasi Teini, Eura
  • Driver: Arto Hammar
  • Groom: Pasi Teini


Viesker – Bonaatti – Patrik

Photo: Ilkka Nisula
  • Owner: Team Boker, Puumala-Hollola
  • Breeder: Pekka Luukkonen, Puumala
  • Trainer: Esa Holopainen, Hollola
  • Driver: Esa Holopainen
  • Groom: Anita Soininen


Cameron – Suvi-Syke – Vokker

Photo: Ilkka Nisula
  • Owner: Jani Konnu, Savonlinna
  • Breeder: Jari Konnu, Savonlinna
  • Trainer: Jorma Konnu, Savonlinna
  • Driver: Tuomas Pakkanen
  • Groom: Jorma Konnu


Tähti-Vokker – Erika – Vireeni

Photo: Antti Savolainen
  • Owner: Helena Tuikka & Jaakko Varjonen, Nousiainen – Rusko
  • Breeder: Riikka-Liisa Tolonen, Hattula
  • Trainer: Bella Varjonen, Rusko
  • Driver: Harri Koivunen
  • Groom: Bella Varjonen


Turo – Pedrita – Patrik

Photo: Ilkka Nisula
  • Owner: Ravitalli Suuronen Oy & Reijo Kenttälä, Juva – Pudasjärvi
  • Breeder: Ravitalli Suuronen Oy, Juva
  • Trainer: Seppo Suuronen, Juva
  • Driver: Antti Teivainen
  • Groom: Camilla Vihanto


Turo – Kössin Virkku – K.K. Kössi

Photo: Antti Savolainen
  • Owner: Jouni Hakkinen, Kuhmoinen
  • Breeder: Agrohelp Oy, Mänttä-Vilppula
  • Trainer: Jouhi Hakkinen, Kuhmoinen
  • Driver: Ari Moilanen
  • Groom: Katja Ampuja

I.P. Lento

Vistari – I.P. Suvitar – Suikku

Photo: Antti Savolainen
  • Owner: Sivolan Tila, Kajaani
  • Breeder: Heikki Parviainen, Kajaani
  • Trainer: Heikki Parviainen, Kajaani
  • Driver: Kaarlo Ahokas
  • Groom: Antti Parviainen


Photo: Terhi Piispa-Helisten

Hovi-Ari – Marjus – Ventti-Vieteri

  • Owner: Tarmo Liikamaa, Kolari
  • Breeder: Merja Liljendahl, Kärkölä
  • Trainer: Tarmo Liikamaa, Kolari
  • Driver: Jarmo Saarela
  • Groom: Henna Liikamaa

Sörkän Sälli

Ture – Tupla-Suhina – Suikku

Photo: Satu Meriluoto
  • Owner: Chef Wotkin’s Stable, Espoo
  • Breeder Jorma Leppänen, Virrat
  • Trainer: Tero E Mäenpää, Maaninka
  • Driver: Mika Forss
  • Groom: Evina Liimatainen

Turon Myrsky

Turo – Minsku – V.T. Ajatus

Photo: Irina Keinänen
  • Owner: Jussi-Talli, Siilinjärvi
  • Breeder: Herkko & Seppo Happonen, Vehmersalmi
  • Trainer: Tero E Mäenpää, Maaninka
  • Driver: Tero E Mäenpää
  • Groom: Kati Mäenpää

Vieskerin Valo


Photo: Viivi Huuskonen

Viesker – Suven Aika – Pysteri

  • Owner: Janita Bollström, Kotka
  • Breeder: Janita Bollström, Kotka
  • Trainer: Pertti Niveri, Kouvola
  • Driver: Pertti Niveri
  • Groom: Marianne Niveri


Turo – Vilvoke – Vokker

Photo: Satu Meriluoto
  • Owner:  Jorma & Tiina Naumanen, Siilinjärvi
  • Breeder: Jorma & Tiina Naumanen, Siilinjärvi
  • Driver: Jani Ruotsalainen
  • Groom: Tiina Naumanen

Kuningatarkisan osallistujat 2013


Viltterin Vile – Erotiikka – Kihin-Muisto

Kuva: Hippos

Photo: Hippos

  • Owner: Kiia-Karoliina Nieminen, Vantaa
  • Breeder: Kiia-Karoliina Nieminen, Vantaa
  • Trainer:  Jukka Rintamäki, Ylöjärvi
  • Driver: Hannu Hietanen
  • Groom: Arja Nieminen

B. Turolii

Turo – B. Vilmiina – Vekseli

Photo: Ilkka Nisula
  • Owner: Talli Ranch Oy, Lappeenranta
  • Breeder: Talli Ranch Oy, Lappeenranta
  • Trainer: Reijo Borgström, Lappeenranta
  • Driver: Antti Teivainen
  • Groom: Heli Borgström

I.P. Vipotiina

Turo – I.P. Vipotti – Viltter

Photo: Ilkka Nisula
  • Owner: Rip Rap Team & Seppo Juvonen, Jämsänkoski
  • Breeder: Heikki Parviainen, Kajaani
  • Trainer: Pertti Puikkonen, Espoo
  • Driver: Pertti Puikkonen
  • Groom: Jaana Lehtonen

Kemun Tutu

Tutuari – Kemun Nopsa – Viesker

Photo: Terhi Piispa-Helisten
  • Owner: Fanfaria Team, Pori
  • Breeder: Pentti Hokkanen, Laukaa
  • Trainer: Jouni Miettinen, Pori
  • Driver: Harri Koivunen
  • Groom: Seija Laine


Turo – Donna-Min – Voltti

Photo: Antti Savolainen
  • Owner: Terhi Haukivaara & Esa Heikkinen, Ypäjä
  • Breeder: Pentti Haukivaara, Taivalkoski
  • Trainer: Esa Heikkinen, Ypäjä
  • Driver: Arto Hammar
  • Groom: Terhi Haukivaara


Apassi – Noretta – Turo

Photo: Olavi Ilmonen
  • Owner: A. Harmoinen & K. Sirviö & T. Vääränen, Kiuruvesi
  • Breeder: Raija Alahautala, Alavieska
  • Trainer: Timo Vääränen, Kiuruvesi
  • Driver: Jani Ruotsalainen
  • Groom: Aulis Harmoinen


Peli-Jasser – Majvor – Poika-Siro

Photo: Terhi Piispa-Helisten
  • Owner: Vesa Kaksonen, Savonlinna
  • Breeder: Vesa Kaksonen, Savonlinna
  • Trainer: Vesa Kaksonen, Savonlinna
  • Driver: Markus Dahlström
  • Groom: Vesa Kaksonen

Saaga S

Turo – Aava S – Aatami

Photo: Terhi Piispa-Helisten
  • Owner: Ilkka Pyysalo, Taipalsaari
  • Breeder: S. Keskimaunu,  & J. & J. Keskimaunu, Keminmaa
  • Trainer: Ilkka Pyysalo, Taipalsaari
  • Driver: Matti Nisonen
  • Groom: Milla Pyysalo

Sirun Valpuriina

Photo: Ilkka Nisula

Pajatso – Vapun-Siru – V.T. Ajatus

  • Owner: Anu Hyytiäinen, Jämsä
  • Breeder: Jorma Leppänen, Virrat
  • Trainer: Aimo Vuorisalo, Jämsä
  • Driver: Jouni Törmänen
  • Groom: Anu Hyytiäinen


Kuva: Viivi Huuskonen

Photo: Viivi Huuskonen

Viesker – Turlakka – Turo

  • Owner: Tomi Saarinen & Annamari Sipilä, Sahalahti
  • Breeder: Maatalousyhtymä Tuomaala, Lapua
  • Trainer: Jouni Miettinen, Pori
  • Driver: Mika Forss
  • Groom: Taina Miekka

Wizard Stina

Hovi-Ari – Kihin-Siru – Kihin-Muisto

Photo: Ilkka Nisula
  • Owner: Wizard Stable, Mikkeli
  • Breeder: Irma hirvonen & Mikkelin Fysioterapia Oy, Mikkeli
  • Trainer: Pasi Hirvonen, Mikkeli
  • Driver: Pasi Hirvonen
  • Groom: Milla Hirvonen

Yllin Kyllin

Turo – Kyllin Hyvä – Kihin-Muisto

Photo: Eija Nissinen
  • Owner: Merkkari Talli, Orimattila
  • Breeder: Sanna Aaltonen, Asikkala
  • Trainer: Teemu Okkolin, Orimattila
  • Driver: Teemu Okkolin
  • Groom: Henna Halme

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Coronation Trot info in English, Swedish and Russian


Coronation Trot, copyright Satu Meriluoto

Photo: Hippos photo bank / Satu Meriluoto

It looks like there is now a new official translation for Kuninkuusravit, and it’s Coronation Trot. This is the first time I have seen this translation in use, but I have to say, it’s a catchy name and definitely shorter and easier to use than “finnhorse trotting championships” that I have been using. I think I picked that one from some official source too back in the day, but I’ll use this new translation from now on. Just so no one wonders what happened to my updates. :)

So, I’m glad to see that this year the Coronation Trot organizers have been active in many ways, including taking foreigners to consideration when advertising the event. We really do welcome everyone to see our national treasures on the track. :)

I included the English spoken info video to my previous post, take a look!

See more information

in English: The Finnhorse Coronation Trot in Kuopio 27th-28th July

in Swedish: Kungstravet i Kuopio 27-28 juli 2013

in Russian:  Королевские бега в Куопио 27 — 28 июля