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More photos of the little one

They grow up so fast – this set of photos was taken on his birthday, 1st of June:

In these photos he is one week old, little prince charming (and his mommy who just loves to have her coat covered in that wellness-spa mud treatment all summer long…) :)


Video: Enterin Tahvo

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Christmas Calendar day 19: Peppi, 6 months old


Epona Huisko, photo by Viivi Huuskonen

Little one is already 6 months old! This photo was taken December 1st, 2013. :)


Experiencing foal fever…


Mommy in a few months? First foal expected to be born in July, fingers crossed! Thanks for the photo Roosa L. (9.4.2013)

It seems that summer will be here soon. That big yellow bulb has been reported to be seen in the sky every now and then, the snow is melting -and many foals of 2013 have already been born!

My Facebook wall is full of photos of those tiny, ever-so-cute creatures trying to figure out their spider-like long legs, seeing and tasting the world… And soon galloping big circles around their mom outside in the field. Needless to say I can’t wait to see our first foal to be born in July.


Sumiainen, photo by Peppi-Emilia Salmi

The sire of this next king/queen is the 1st prize R-stallion Sumiainen. He unfortunately died in October 2012, so this will be his last age-class. He succeeded well in national dressage arenas as well as in show ring  for years and has sired 7 foals until 2012. This little one will be a rarity! :)

The “foal project” as we like to call it with my friend, started last summer first just as a joke, but it caught on quite quickly and soon we were looking at stallion ads -why not?! The Finnish summer is short, the ideal time for a foal to be born would be May or June to provide them the longest possible time for grazing outside. Still we weren’t too slow with the decisions and the first covering was an instant success. A few weeks later we could start thinking about the possible names we could be giving to this newcomer.

So far the winter has gone by the book with no problems whatsoever. I can only hope that the foaling will be like that as well and Elyse will prove herself as a good mother.  Luckily we have one other mare foaling in the same stable this summer, and she has had a few foals so there is also support available for the newbie. ;)

(We are semi-secretly hoping for a flaxen-mained colt, but we’ll see…)