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Elitkampen winners 1986-2014



Viesker is the only Finn to win the Elitkampen multiple times. He won the race five times 1996-2000. Here he is greeting the Coronation Trot audience at Kuopio in 2013 (age 24). Photo: Hippos/Satu Meriluoto

Elitkampen Winner 2014, Neslands Loke, comes from Norway and so did the other two medalists Føynland Kongen and Rokne Eld. Great day for Norwegians! Finnhorses took the next two places, Rapin Aatos placed fourth and Camri fifth. :)

Traditional race

This race of the best Northern codblood trotters is a traditional part of the Elitloppet weekend. For the last few years mostly Norwegians and Swedes have taken the brightest medals, but luckily the Finns have had their moments in the history of Elitkampen as well. This year the horses were good, but others were better. We are still waiting for our next international superstar. ;)

Ponseri was the first Finnhorse to win the Elitkampen in 1994. In 1996 the legendary Viesker took the crown and kept it for five years in a row. After him only Järvsöfaks has been able to do the same.

Elitkampen winners 1986-2014

Year Horse Driver Country Winner odds Time
2014 Neslands Loke  Åsbjörn Tengsareid Norway 39,28 1.20,8
2013 Tekno Odin Öystein Tjomsland Norway 1,43 1.20,6
2012 Hallsta Lotus Ulf Ohlsson Sweden 1,23 1.19,9
2011 Feseth Lynet Jan-Ove Olsen Norway 9,20 1.20,4
2010 Hallsta Lotus Ulf Ohlsson Sweden 8,13 1.19,7
2009 Röste Bo Åsbjörn Tengsareid Sweden 3,62 1.20,3
2008 Vinning Kos Thor Borg Norway 17,48 1.20,7
2007 Moe Odin Asbjörn Mehla Norway 3,66 1.19,4
2006 Järvsöfaks Jan-Olov Persson Sweden 1,10 1.19,6
2005 Järvsöfaks Jan-Olov Persson Sweden 1,29 1.19,4
2004 Järvsöfaks Jan-Olov Persson Sweden 1,05 1.18,9
2003 Järvsöfaks Jan-Olov Persson Sweden 1,11 1.19,1
2002 Järvsöfaks Jan-Olov Persson Sweden 1,25 1.20,2
2001 Sagi Knut Jorma Kontio Norway 39,66 1.21,2
2000 Viesker Kaarlo Ahokas Finland 1,17 1.20,2
1999 Viesker Kaarlo Ahokas Finland 1,25 1.22,7
1998 Viesker Kaarlo Ahokas Finland 1,46 1.21,2
1997 Viesker Kaarlo Ahokas Finland 1,40 1.21,7
1996 Viesker Kaarlo Ahokas Finland 2,00 1.21,7
1995 Åslands Kvikk Edvar Kristiansen Norway 4,01 1.23,1
1994 Ponseri Anssi Niininen Finland 1,76 1.23,3
1993 Atom Vinter Rune Wiig Norway 2,54 1.23,3
1992 Verner Jim Frick Sweden 3,41 1.21,5
1991 Atom Vinter Arve Gudbrand Blihovde Norway 3,80 1.22,1
1990 Atom Vinter Arve Gudbrand Blihovde Norway 8,73 1.21,9
1989 Svinten Kenneth Karlsson Sweden 4,00 1.23,3
1988 Alm Svarten Tore H Larsen Norway 1,23 1.23,7
1987 Alm Svarten Ulf Thoresen Norway 1,36 1.21,5
1986 Alm Svarten Ulf Thoresen Norway 6,19 1.23,0


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Camri and Rapin Aatos to Elitkampen 2014

From Camri ja Rapin Aatos Elitkampeniin (

The Elitloppet race weekend takes place at Solvalla, Stockholm from May 23th to 25th. Finnhorse stallions Camri and Rapin Aatos are heading to Sweden to represent Finland in this international coldblood race.


Camri, photo: Hippos/Ilkka Nisula

Camri was the big name of last week after Erkon Pokaali last Saturday. He fought tremendously against Tekno Odin, after 1.18,5 opening and 1.19,5 lap! At the end he finished second after Tekno Odin, but nevertheless did what no one believed he could. You can watch the race here.


Rapin Aatos visiting France. Photo: Hippos

Rapin Aatos has also had a good season so far, for example he placed fourth in Vincennes, France last February.

Hopefully they are both heading to Pori in August as well!

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