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ESMA Finalist!


Congratulations, you’re in the finals of the 2014 Equine Online Equestrian Social Media Awards!

You enrich the online world for thousands of equestrians globally and the ESMAs is our way of rewarding you for your effort.
We received 17,131 nominations from 5,109 individuals. We then had the tremendously difficult task of selecting 10-11 finalists in each category from over 395 entrants.

The selections were based on:

Strength of supporting statements made in nominations.
Degree to which they are active and engaging in their online efforts.

Up for grabs

For this year’s ESMAs there are two prizes up for grabs in each category. The first will be the Judges’ Choice ESMA, decided by an expert panel of the global equestrian industry’s most talented marketers and media professionals; the second is the People’s Choice ESMA, 100% decided by public vote. Voting closes at 4pm (GMT) on 7 February.

First of all: Thank you

I’d like to thank again each and every online friend who voted for NT earlier. It’s exceptional to be nominated as a finalist, it’s truly exceptional. It was already a great thing to make it to the semi-finals voting but this is something I never even thought would be possible. First of all I think this is a great opportunity to show our national horse to the world. :)

How to vote

Finnhorse – National Treasure is nominated in the category 20: The Best Use of Social Media in North-West Europe. See the voting page by clicking here.

You can cast your votes only once, so choose your favorites carefully in each category you want to vote before submitting. Remember to validate your vote(s) with your e-mail address at the bottom of the page! Otherwise they won’t count. 

Thanks again.


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New Year Giveaway


It’s time for a giveaway! It’s been a while, welcome aboard. :)

Anyone is welcome to participate. Lucky winner will be awarded with a gift certificate to Viivi’s Webshop – a Zazzle shop online which sells my finnhorse inspired designs on various products from postcards and posters to T-shirts and iPhone covers.

Taking part is easy!

Click here to enter the raffle

  • Submitting your e-mail to the raffle gives you one (1) ticket
  • Liking our Facebook page gives you one more  (+1) ticket
  • Following @finnhorse on Twitter gives you one more t (+1) ticket

So you have a chance to earn up to three (3) tickets for this raffle. More tickets – better chances!

Entries open on 1st of January and close on 15th of January, 12.00 AM Helsinki time (GMT +2).

The Prize


The prize this time is a $25 gift certificate to Viivi’s Webshop. The prices are shown in US dollars, but they ship all over the world.

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2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 16,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 6 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I got this blog award from Zanzana already a year ago, but couldn’t find the time to pass it forward (whoops). But now is the time! Thank you, Zanzana, for being the first of my readers to contact me with such an honor. Thank you.


Being a horseaddict, my blogosphere is more or less full of horses as well. Well, what can I say? It’s a lifestyle, not just a hobby.

I tend to read lots of different blogs, but my favorites are most often bloggers who I can learn from. In the riding sphere there are many good bloggers who share their philosophy and thoughts on horses and horse sport.

The rules for this award are the following:

  • Display the award logo on your blog;
  • Link back to the person who nominated you;
  • State 7 things about yourself;
  • Nominate other bloggers for this award and link to them
  • Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

Seven things about myself

  •  I’m a versatile horse person and never understood people who could just stick to one type of horse sport -like for example those girls who were Dressage Riders and Dressage Riders Only. You can do so many things with horses, why wouldn’t you try out different things? It’s important to be passionate but there’s no need for blindfolding yourself. Just saying.
  • I am currently owner of one finnhorse mare. She had her first foal in June 2013 and the next one should be born in May 2014. Needless to say I’m very excited to see how they turn out.
  • In my opinion, one more reason to like finnhorses are the other finnhorse people -owners and fans. They work with the finnhorse in all its versatility. I love it how people from different backgrounds come along so well because they share this same interest. Most often these people seem to be also more laid-back than others…
  • I am not a native English speaker but try to fix my flaws whenever I see them. I hate bad grammar just as much as you do.
  • I hate unnecessary negativity. I do that myself but try to snap out of it. Also to remind myself that it’s ok to make mistakes and the important part is to learn from them.
  • It often makes my day to see a new Like or good rating on a blog post. 1-2 star ratings are important as well so I know which posts my readers like and which ones are not as appealing.
  • Lately this blog has been quite quiet because of my new job I started in September, but it’s not forgotten and I plan to keep it running. Right now I just have to readjust my schedules.

Check out these blogs

Horse Listening

How to become a better rider and horse listener.

Confident Horsemanship

Another good blog about understanding your horse and building up confidence when working with them.

SH Dressage

Finnish-born dressage rider Susanna Halonen, currently based in England.

Anna Kilpeläinen

Anna is a professional horse trainer who blogs about equine behaviour, dressage and horse training in Finnish. I visit her blog regurlarly and learn something new every time.

Hippola blog portal

Every now and then I just like to surf around a variety of horse and riding related blogs just for the fun of it, for inspiration, ideas or  just for networking. Hippola is a new equestrian blog portal of Finnish bloggers, an easy way to find something new to read.

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Most popular posts of 2013

The year 2013 has been a bit more quiet than the previous -mostly because the posting frequency has been slower, I believe. It has been a year of changes for me, but now the biggest storms seem to have passed and it’s time to plan a bit further. :)

I’d like to thank all my loyal readers and welcome the new ones. The amount of followers has been growing and there are already over 900 of you all over the world. Your visits on this site are very much appreciated, likewise every like, retweet, share and comment. Thank you. :)

Like usually at this time of the year, I’ve taken a look at the statistics. It helps me to see what you guys like and plan the upcoming blogging year 2014.

The most popular posts of 2013

1. Stressed Mom?

Elyse had her first foal in June and she took the motherly responsibilities very seriously. This is a comic I drew about one of the fun moments we had in the summer.

2. Simppa is a rarity in UK

Article about our reader Annukka and her finnhorse gelding Simppa, who live in the UK.

3. Hakkapeliittas, the Finnish cavalry

The famous Hakkapeliittas and their small horses are still famous after all these years :)

4. Mounted Archery with a finnhorse

Photo post of Marko and his horse Luna Lukas training mounted archery.

5. Does the color matter?

Little something for color enthusiasts out there.

6. “Finnish woman is like the Finnish horse”

News anchor Arvi Lind gave this statement on Women’s Day. What a compliment! :)

7. Christmas Calendar day 6: War Horse

Finnish Independence day post 2013. For more photos from the Finnish war time photo archive, see

8. What is the deal with pony-sized finnhorses?

This post is about the “finnpony”, one of the less popular but growing breeding section of the finnhorse.

9. Splashed White gene found in finnhorses

More treats for the color enthusiasts…

10. Interesting finnhorses for color enthusiasts

…and even more… :)

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Vote National Treasure for ESMA!

This little heart attack I just got as I checked the ESMA nomination site… My blog got listed for ESMA open nomination!


Now’s your chance to nominate the equestrian personalities, brands, charities and organisations whose social media activity shines in the online world.

Select up to three nominees in the first set of categories, and a single nominee from the region in which you live. Each nomination must include a supporting statement explaining why you enjoy your selections’ social media activity.

You can only submit one set of nominations, so choose carefully.


Click here to nominate your favourite equestrian social media sites for ESMA awards

Finnhorse – National Treasure is listed in the following categories:

1. Best use of Facebook

14. Best Blog

20. Best use of Social Media in North-West Europe (regional category winners will be put forward for the World Award)

This is an honor.

Getting listed is an honor itself. This is a worldwide event, so it must have taken more than a few nominations to get even this far!

Now all finnhorse fans also have a chance to get more attention for this awesome horse breed. :) So go ahead and cast your vote, tell your friends, let’s make it happen!


Elyse’s super mom diaries

We are doing great, thanks for asking. :) It has been one busy autumn, but in positive manner. I can’t help but praise my mare, she has proven herself to be a wonderful mother and a lifesaver as well.


Family portrait in September 2013

The foals have grown so fast as well -yes, we talk about foalS nowadays. Elyse adopted the six-week-old colt when his mother died suddenly of abdominal malfunction in July. So sad, but luckily even the darkest cloud has a silver lining. Elyse took this little orphan under her wing right away and has been feeding and looking after those two ever since and all three of them have coped the situation extremely well. If the mare wouldn’t have accepted the other foal, we would have been in serious trouble since he wouldn’t take the milk replacer.  This was truly a silver lining, we could have lost them both without this! :)

The two have got their own fan club already -most people think they are twins, and wonder how it’s possible when we tell them that actually these two have the same sire but different dams…


At Anjala show in September, photo by Satu Pitkänen / Rozpravka Photography

We went to an unofficial finnhorse show in Anjala in September. All three received first prize ribbons and the mare that won Elyse’s class was the overall Best In Show II, so you could say we were kinda proud of our trio! At first we were a bit worried how we could fit all three in the same car but all three behaved themselves SO WELL, they just stood there and wondered what this new box was all about. Of course Elyse is an experienced traveler but the foals were a mystery until we tried.


Double studbook mare and her proud owner. Photo by Satu Pitkänen / Rozpravka Photography

Fun trivia #1: The colours in the ribbons are the heraldic colours of the two regions where this horse breeding association works: Kymenlaakso (black and white) and South Karelia (red and black).

Now the two are quite experienced travelers for their age, in October I took Elyse to two Hippos shows in Kouvola and Lappeenranta to show her for two studbooks -both for riding horse (R) and trotter (J)-studbooks. She didn’t receive any prizes since she only did the ridability test for R-studbook and had so many gallop markings from races that she didn’t receive any for J-studbook either even though her record would have been enough for third prize. Anyway I was happy to have her accepted and most of all to have her conformation evaluated by professionals. It also doesn’t hurt to have comments like “very humble and pleasant to drive” in her evaluation. ;)


“Hold on, mommy’s working!” Photo by Satu Pitkänen / Rozpravka Photography

It was a tiring two-day experience, but  worth it. Now Elyse is a double studbook mare with a brand new register number 2018-05RJ and the foals were also microchipped in order to have their own passports next year -you could say we hit two, or three, or four flies at once.

Right now the three have had it a bit easier, we haven’t traveled anywhere after the shows, this week a vet came by to give the foals their first vaccinations and checked how Elyse’s next foal is doing – all seems to have been going well and we’re still expecting the next little champ for summer 2014, sired by Vieskerin Valo. :)

Fun trivia #2: The two foals’ nicknames are Peppi and Ukko (he received this nickname due to the heavy thunder there was that night he was born (Finnish for thunder is “ukkonen”)).

Only after naming them we realized that those two are also characters of the well-known Swedish children’s book Pippi Longstocking (Pippi’s horse is named Lilla Gubbe = Pikku-Ukko = Little man), so the next foal Elyse is carrying goes by the nickname Tossavainen (Finnish translation for Pippi’s monkey, Mr. Nilsson)