It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

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Trans-Horse project studies contemporary horse culture in Finland



Trans-Horse: HKI-TKU-HKI (2014) project studies contemporary horse culture in Finland and advances travel by horse between the cities of Helsinki and Turku. The project kicks off with the 33 year old artist Eero Yli-Vakkuri learning how to ride together with journalist/artist Pietari Kylmälä. Neither have prior experience with horses – Hence the impact of being introduced to horses will be radical.

Blacksmith Jesse Sipola and multidisciplinary creative Hanna Karppinen are also active in the project. The group is identified as The riders of Ore.e Refineries. A finnhorse The Awaited Son (Toivottu Poika) was hired for the usage of the project to further expand the experience. As a highlight of the project The Riders of Ore.e Refinerieswill connect the cities of Helsinki to Turku via horseback.

The experiences of learning how to ride a horse and getting to know horse culture are shared through the project blog. The process of studying horse culture and advancing travel by horse forms the core of an artwork. The grant applications used to seek funding for the project has been shared online (Finnish Only). All ideas and tips on how to succeed in learning to ride and reaching Turku area welcome. You can also leave your e-mail address to stay updated on the development of the project. A summary report will be published at the end of the year.

On this video Eero and Jesse tell a bit about themselves and the story behind their project. It’s unfortunately only in Finnish, but shows quite a few finnhorses…. :)

Hevoslinja HKI-TKU-HKI from Koneen Säätiö on Vimeo.

Lads started off their project by purchasing a horse. Toivottu Poika is a 6-year-old finnhorse gelding. He moved to Espoo and will hopefully serve as the legs of the project between Helsinki and Turku, as the project moves on.

You can follow the project at their blog:

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Playlist of 200 Finnhorse videos!

Hours of video material about finnhorses on gathered to one playlist! That’s great!

Thank you Ishexan for your time and effort. :)


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Happy 30th birthday, Pette!


Invitation for Pette’s party (click to enlarge)

Pette was born on May 13th, 1984 at Ypäjä. He made a great career in racing. He won the Trotter King title as well as the Nordic Championship for coldblood trotters TWICE in 1993 and 1994. These are just a few merits on his list. Altogether his career included 163 races with winnings over 200 000 euro. He retired from the race tracks in 1997.

Being an active horse, he didn’t settle for just resting in his retirement days. His owners decided to introduce him to riding, and started schooling him for dressage and jumping.

Pette was inspected for J (Juoksija, trotter) studbook with first prize in 1995 and for R (Ratsu, riding horse) studbook without a prize in 2004. He has sired 112 foals to date, and is standing at stud this year as well.

Here’s a beautiful short document of Pette, made by Ville Virtanen in 2013 (in Finnish).

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The new Coronation Trot ranking system explained (go, Valo, go!)

From Vieskerin Valo viikon ranking-nousija (

Vieskerin Valo

Vieskerin Valo at the coronation Trot in Kuopio 2013

Traditional Coronation Trot ranking system has been given an update this year.

Vieskerin Valo (the sire of our next horsey baby, by the way :) ) received 20 more points by winning the Killerin Kimara race at Jyväskylä on Saturday 26th of April (You can watch the race here), so he got mentioned in the weekly report. Go, daddy, go!

Here’s an example of how the new system works:

Valo has 47 ranking points at the moment, which earns him the 9th place at the ranking. Horses can earn these ranking points in 11 categories. The best horse of each category gets 15 points, the second 12, third 10, and so on by 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. For example Finnish records, high earnings from this and last year and good records from each racing distance (1600, 2100, 2600, 3100 m) give the horse quite good points in this ranking.

  • Vieskerin Valo earns 15 points for having the best record at 3100 m distance.
  • This year’s best results at 2100 m autostart races. Vieskerin Valo’s newest 23,7a is the second fastest this year, so he earns 12 points for it (ranking leader in this category is Villihotti).
  • In this year’s earnings category the points get multiplied by three. Vieskerin Valo is placed 8th in the earnings category, so he get 4 points, which adds up to 12 ranking points.
  • He earns 7 points for having the fifth best record at 2600 m distance (volt). Plus he earns one point at earnings of 2013 ranking.

See the full ranking tables by clicking here. The online ranking page updates weekly.

“What’s this Coronation Trot you speak of?”

The Coronation Trot is the biggest annual finnhorse event, the biggest trotting event and one of the biggest summer events of all in Finland, gathering about 60 000 people to watch the best finnhorses race. Stallions compete for the crown of a Trotter King and the best mare is crowned as the Trotter Queen. This year this event takes place in Pori on 2.-3.8.2014. The ranking defines which horses get to participate the race.

This English-spoken video from a couple of years back sums up quite well the history and present day of the Coronation Trot event:

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Video: Under the Northern Star

A beautiful video about finnhorses by Tiina S on Youtube.

The song used in this video is called “Olen suomalainen” (I am a Finn / I’m Finnish).
It’s a rewritten version of Toto Cutugno’s “Sono l’italiano“.

Here’s a rough translation of the Finnish lyrics. They are quite different and more melancholic than the original Italian ones,  written to fit the Finnish state of mind, I guess… :)

Voi jospa tietäisivät maailmalla,
Oh, if only people out there knew

Nyt mitä voikaan olla taivaan alla,
What can exist under the sky

On täällä kansa, jonka kyyneleistä aikaan saisi aika monta valtamerta
Here is a nation, whose tears could fill oceans

On täällä monta yksinäistä, mutta
Many of us are lonely, but

Niin paljon kiellettyä rakkautta,
So much forbidden love

Nyt ettei siitä riitä kertojaksi taulut eikä ikävöivät lemmenlaulut…
That paintings or longing love songs could not explain…

On täällä elämä raskasta työtä
Life here is hard work

Ja siinä harvemmin on onni myötä,
And luck is rarely on our side

Sen tietää vain, yksin suomalainen
A Finn knows it

On pohjantähden alla
Under the Northern Star

Tää koti mulla mainen,
This earthly home of mine

Mä elämästä laulan,
I sing of life

Sillä oonhan suomalainen
Because I am a Finn after all

Mä rakkaudesta laulan,
I sing of love

On siinä mies ja nainen
There is a man and a woman

Pohjantähden alla,
Under the Northern Star

Elää suomalainen
Lives a Finn.

On tässä maassa itsepäinen kansa,
The stubborn people of this country

Ystävät jos pitää toisistansa,
If friends are close to each other

Ei siinä erottaa muu, silloin voi kuin yksin kuolema ja virkavalta vain
The only thing to separate them is death or official authority…