It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

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2015 in review

A big thank you for every visitor! Here’s a review in statistics. :)

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,500 times in 2015. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

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More photos of the little one

They grow up so fast – this set of photos was taken on his birthday, 1st of June:

In these photos he is one week old, little prince charming (and his mommy who just loves to have her coat covered in that wellness-spa mud treatment all summer long…) :)

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It’s a boy! :)


Little colt!

A surprise was waiting for us in the stable this morning! Elyse, that sneaky, sneaky mare, had given birth to a little colt while I wasn’t watching! Luckily everything seems to have gone by the book and both are ok. Whew!

Peppi’s little brother is sired by a fine trotter stallion called Vieskerin Valo. Who, by the way, holds the 8th place of the Trotter King ranking for now. ;)

More posts about my journey as a horse breeder so far:

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Peppi’s first show

We took Peppi to her first (official) show a few weeks back. What an exciting day in Peppi’s life! She experienced what it was like to travel alone, without mommy on board.

She received a II- prize (range from III- to I). She was the second best of her class with good points: type 7, barrel 8, legs 7, hooves 8, walk 7, trot 7 (scale 1-10).  She is now 132 cm at withers and 136 at croup, which means that she is growing quite fast at the moment but is still a bit smaller than the others (most of them were around 135-140cm). Maybe she wants to be a pony after all? ;)

All results (pdf)


A bit worried look… “What’s happening?”


Posing for the jury


Swish! Look what I can do!




Feeling pretty!


132 cm at withers, 136 at croup

Photos by Jaana Hohti and Satu Pitkänen/Rozpravka Photography, see more at Peppi’s Sukuposti page.

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Photo shoot with the girls

We had a little photo shoot with Elyse and Peppi the other day 1) to follow how the filly grows, 2) to see how the horses change over the years and 3) train for the upcoming shows. These were taken in February 2014.


“Like this? Hind leg forward, front leg forward… Wait a sec…”


“Look at me, posing like the big horses!”


“I’m in shape. Round is a shape.”




Behind the scenes  ;)

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Video: Moves like Peppi

A little clip of Peppi having fun :)

I’ve got the moves like Peppi from Viivi Huuskonen on Vimeo.


ESMA Finalist!


Congratulations, you’re in the finals of the 2014 Equine Online Equestrian Social Media Awards!

You enrich the online world for thousands of equestrians globally and the ESMAs is our way of rewarding you for your effort.
We received 17,131 nominations from 5,109 individuals. We then had the tremendously difficult task of selecting 10-11 finalists in each category from over 395 entrants.

The selections were based on:

Strength of supporting statements made in nominations.
Degree to which they are active and engaging in their online efforts.

Up for grabs

For this year’s ESMAs there are two prizes up for grabs in each category. The first will be the Judges’ Choice ESMA, decided by an expert panel of the global equestrian industry’s most talented marketers and media professionals; the second is the People’s Choice ESMA, 100% decided by public vote. Voting closes at 4pm (GMT) on 7 February.

First of all: Thank you

I’d like to thank again each and every online friend who voted for NT earlier. It’s exceptional to be nominated as a finalist, it’s truly exceptional. It was already a great thing to make it to the semi-finals voting but this is something I never even thought would be possible. First of all I think this is a great opportunity to show our national horse to the world. :)

How to vote

Finnhorse – National Treasure is nominated in the category 20: The Best Use of Social Media in North-West Europe. See the voting page by clicking here.

You can cast your votes only once, so choose your favorites carefully in each category you want to vote before submitting. Remember to validate your vote(s) with your e-mail address at the bottom of the page! Otherwise they won’t count. 

Thanks again.