It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

The Finnhorse – Our National Treasure book is available in English

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Sponsored by Kirjakaari


Scandinavia’s most beautiful horse deserves a beautiful book. The Finnhorse – Our National Treasure is a work long anticipated by Finnhorse enthusiasts. It presents the Finnhorse as the world’s most versatile coldblood with characteristics beyond compare. Expressive text and stunning photos paint a picture of our national treasure as a multi-skilled riding, breeding, draught and race horse, and man’s most reliable friend in every season.

• Basic breed information such as breeding lines, colours and anatomy
• Development history in brief, and status as a native breed
• Uses as a riding horse, e.g., show jumping, dressage, Monté, eventing and therapeutic riding
• Uses as a draught horse, e.g., harness racing, carriage driving and logging
• Recreational uses, e.g., skijoring, equestrian vaulting, horse agility and shows
• Use for work, e.g., police horses

The Finnhorse – Our National Treasure is an unforgettable gift for friends of the Finnhorse.

Marianne Ketelimäki is a photographer and a passionate horse enthusiast.
Sanna Karppinen is a non-fiction author whose heart was stolen by horses already as a little girl.

From Kirjakaari


The horse has its place in the modern society.

Finnhorse – Our National Treasure is a beautiful book with 96 pages of big, expressive photographs by Marianne Ketelimäki and short, compact paragraphs of text by non-fiction author Sanna Karppinen.



The book includes basic information about the breed, but focuses mainly on the photography. Why describe it in words, when you have tons of beautiful photos to show the incredible versatility and beauty of the horse in the Finnish nature? It’s light to read, and won’t make you an expert on the subject, but doesn’t aim to that either. You could say, it gives you a first impression about what makes this breed so important to us Finns.


What is the Finnhorse made of? My guess, mostly “sisu”.

Most of all, I think Marianne has been able to capture the feel in her photos – how the Finnish people feel about their horse and what I feel when I’m with my horses. There’s a companionship between us that has lasted through generations, the title “national treasure” is not an exaggeration. Still, the finnhorse is not just some relic, it has been able to take up any challenge it has faced and redeemed itself again and again. Adaptation is the key!


Friend and a companion

Kirjakaari  is a Finnish publisher specialized in high-quality gift books. I could imagine this book both as a business gift as well as a gift for a horse enthusiast, especially if he/she is interested in the Finnish culture overall.

The book is available in English and Finnish at the Kirjakaari web shopRemember to use the code MNB-LXF-CH7-4P9 for a 10% discount! (the code is available until 9th of December 2015).


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