It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

Happy Finnhorse day 2015

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Today we celebrate the Finnhorse day, the day to honor our one and only Finnish horse breed with waving flags. The studbook for the Finnhorse was founded 6th of September 1907, so our horse has been documented for 108 years and about ten generations now. This is already the ninth official “Finnhorse day” when we raise our flags and carry a few extra carrots to the barn. ;)

Today is also the first day of “Kummihevonen” charity campaign. It’s organised by Hippolis, The National Equine Competence Association of Finland and voluntary horse owners.

The main goal of the project is to bring horses and horse people closer to the surrounding society with joy and warmth. Horses can visit daycares, schools and retirement homes, for example. There are all kinds of horses involved, but many of them are finnhorses (see them all here).

We decided to take part with Epeli. The local school is only 5 km away from our stable, so it would be quite easy to take Epeli to visit the school. The project lasts from September to December 2015.

I started a blog and an Instagram profile for Epeli, so his new friends could follow his everyday life more easily. :) You’ll find Epeli’s blog at and as @epelihuisko on Instagram. It’s only in Finnish, but hopefully foreigners enjoy the photos as well. ;)


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