It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

Trans-Horse project studies contemporary horse culture in Finland

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Trans-Horse: HKI-TKU-HKI (2014) project studies contemporary horse culture in Finland and advances travel by horse between the cities of Helsinki and Turku. The project kicks off with the 33 year old artist Eero Yli-Vakkuri learning how to ride together with journalist/artist Pietari Kylmälä. Neither have prior experience with horses – Hence the impact of being introduced to horses will be radical.

Blacksmith Jesse Sipola and multidisciplinary creative Hanna Karppinen are also active in the project. The group is identified as The riders of Ore.e Refineries. A finnhorse The Awaited Son (Toivottu Poika) was hired for the usage of the project to further expand the experience. As a highlight of the project The Riders of Ore.e Refinerieswill connect the cities of Helsinki to Turku via horseback.

The experiences of learning how to ride a horse and getting to know horse culture are shared through the project blog. The process of studying horse culture and advancing travel by horse forms the core of an artwork. The grant applications used to seek funding for the project has been shared online (Finnish Only). All ideas and tips on how to succeed in learning to ride and reaching Turku area welcome. You can also leave your e-mail address to stay updated on the development of the project. A summary report will be published at the end of the year.

On this video Eero and Jesse tell a bit about themselves and the story behind their project. It’s unfortunately only in Finnish, but shows quite a few finnhorses…. :)

Hevoslinja HKI-TKU-HKI from Koneen Säätiö on Vimeo.

Lads started off their project by purchasing a horse. Toivottu Poika is a 6-year-old finnhorse gelding. He moved to Espoo and will hopefully serve as the legs of the project between Helsinki and Turku, as the project moves on.

You can follow the project at their blog:

Read more:


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