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Peppi’s first show

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We took Peppi to her first (official) show a few weeks back. What an exciting day in Peppi’s life! She experienced what it was like to travel alone, without mommy on board.

She received a II- prize (range from III- to I). She was the second best of her class with good points: type 7, barrel 8, legs 7, hooves 8, walk 7, trot 7 (scale 1-10).  She is now 132 cm at withers and 136 at croup, which means that she is growing quite fast at the moment but is still a bit smaller than the others (most of them were around 135-140cm). Maybe she wants to be a pony after all? ;)

All results (pdf)


A bit worried look… “What’s happening?”


Posing for the jury


Swish! Look what I can do!




Feeling pretty!


132 cm at withers, 136 at croup

Photos by Jaana Hohti and Satu Pitkänen/Rozpravka Photography, see more at Peppi’s Sukuposti page.


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