It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

Finnhorse belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage List, says Jussi Lähde

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From Jussi Lähde: Suomenhevonen kuuluisi UNESCON maailmanperintökohteiden listalle ( 5.4.2014)


Finnhorse is a part of Finnish culture and heritage. That alone makes it worth preserving.Photo: Smerikal, CC by S-A 2.0

Jussi Lähde, the editor in chief for Finnish Hevosurheilu and Hippos papers, gave a touching speech about finnhorse and its effect on the Finnish society at Hevoset 2014 event in Tampere.

Briefly translated, his main message was that finnhorse is a significant part of our culture and worth preserving.

“Finnhorse’s role in building the Finnish landscape and culture has been significant. The Finnhorse has been a work horse, trusted companion and for many Finns, a family member.
When compared to other horse breeds, it is internationally interesting and valued. Even though its origin is somewhat a mystery, it is one of the most studied and documented horse breeds in the world. Both Finland and finnhorse have much to give to the world.”

There are a few Finnish properties on the UNESCO world heritage list. The Old Church of Petäjävesi, the Bronze Age Burial Site of Sammallahdenmäki, Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, Old Rauma and Verla Groundwood And Board Mill in Jaala. We also share properties with Sweden in Kvarken Archipelago and Struve Geodetic Arc, which actually spreads over ten countries.

I’d say finnhorse would fit great on this list. How come we haven’t thought about this earlier?

Contact information for Jussi:

Jussi Lähde
+358-40-594 4444


One thought on “Finnhorse belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage List, says Jussi Lähde

  1. When I first started reading the post and looked at the picture I thought this was a Finnish mythical creature. Finnish heritage does not equate with Finnish knowledge.


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