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Video: Rimatonna is already a winner

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This lovely short film has melted hearts all around Finland, I believe you also might enjoy to get to know this little filly. Her name is Rinteen Rimatonna. :)

The video is narrated in Finnish by Ilari Nisula, free translation below:

In sports, often only the biggest and most beautiful winners are remembered. After all not every winner succeeds in races. The star of this short film is Rinteen Rimatonna. She hasn’t – at least not yet – won any big races. She is not very big yet, and definitely wasn’t when she was born. Yet she has already won the biggest prize of all – a life.

In May 2013, Rinne stables staff  were eagerly waiting for Sirinän Sissi to finally start foaling. The approximate date had already passed. Finally it began, but a promising start turned into grief. Sissi had had twins, one of which, Rimatonna’s brother, had already died. Also the filly had suffered pre partum injuries. Her left hind leg had been in compression and left in wrong position. She couldn’t walk with her hind legs, she could only use her front legs to drag herself.

Rinne stables staff and vets wouldn’t give up. They supported her hind legs with special shoes and bandages. She received stretching, massage and exercise for her weaker leg, so she could stand up, walk and run.

Rimatonna herself had something to keep her going. She had the Finnish sisu. She circled around her mother and greeted cheerfully everyone who came to see her. She was gripping to life.

Still, as if all these setbacks weren’t enough, Sissi died when Rimatonna was only seven days old. It seemed that two foals and a difficult foaling had been too much for her. Now Rimatonna was an orphan. She had to suckle a bottle, at first every hour but already after four months the owners could sleep their nights without having to feed her during the night. The vet came to see her every day and even called the stables in the evening. Everyone wanted to see Rimatonna survive. And she did.

She received help and care from other horses as well. Pirske hadn’t had a foal this year, but she adopted Rimatonna, and, for everyone’s surprise, also started producing milk!

Now it seems that Rimatonna has conquered all those difficulties and made it after all. Time will tell if she ever becomes a sport horse, but now she has a chance.


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