It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

New Year Giveaway

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It’s time for a giveaway! It’s been a while, welcome aboard. :)

Anyone is welcome to participate. Lucky winner will be awarded with a gift certificate to Viivi’s Webshop – a Zazzle shop online which sells my finnhorse inspired designs on various products from postcards and posters to T-shirts and iPhone covers.

Taking part is easy!

Click here to enter the raffle

  • Submitting your e-mail to the raffle gives you one (1) ticket
  • Liking our Facebook page gives you one more  (+1) ticket
  • Following @finnhorse on Twitter gives you one more t (+1) ticket

So you have a chance to earn up to three (3) tickets for this raffle. More tickets – better chances!

Entries open on 1st of January and close on 15th of January, 12.00 AM Helsinki time (GMT +2).

The Prize


The prize this time is a $25 gift certificate to Viivi’s Webshop. The prices are shown in US dollars, but they ship all over the world.


Author: Viivi

I'm a Finnish horse enthusiast. This blog is my tribute for the national horse of Finland. I started in 2009. My aim is to provide information about this multipurpose horse breed in English, in all its variety -as a historical and cultural figure, modern sport horse, friend and a companion.

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