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Most popular posts of 2013

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The year 2013 has been a bit more quiet than the previous -mostly because the posting frequency has been slower, I believe. It has been a year of changes for me, but now the biggest storms seem to have passed and it’s time to plan a bit further. :)

I’d like to thank all my loyal readers and welcome the new ones. The amount of followers has been growing and there are already over 900 of you all over the world. Your visits on this site are very much appreciated, likewise every like, retweet, share and comment. Thank you. :)

Like usually at this time of the year, I’ve taken a look at the statistics. It helps me to see what you guys like and plan the upcoming blogging year 2014.

The most popular posts of 2013

1. Stressed Mom?

Elyse had her first foal in June and she took the motherly responsibilities very seriously. This is a comic I drew about one of the fun moments we had in the summer.

2. Simppa is a rarity in UK

Article about our reader Annukka and her finnhorse gelding Simppa, who live in the UK.

3. Hakkapeliittas, the Finnish cavalry

The famous Hakkapeliittas and their small horses are still famous after all these years :)

4. Mounted Archery with a finnhorse

Photo post of Marko and his horse Luna Lukas training mounted archery.

5. Does the color matter?

Little something for color enthusiasts out there.

6. “Finnish woman is like the Finnish horse”

News anchor Arvi Lind gave this statement on Women’s Day. What a compliment! :)

7. Christmas Calendar day 6: War Horse

Finnish Independence day post 2013. For more photos from the Finnish war time photo archive, see

8. What is the deal with pony-sized finnhorses?

This post is about the “finnpony”, one of the less popular but growing breeding section of the finnhorse.

9. Splashed White gene found in finnhorses

More treats for the color enthusiasts…

10. Interesting finnhorses for color enthusiasts

…and even more… :)


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