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Elyse’s super mom diaries


We are doing great, thanks for asking. :) It has been one busy autumn, but in positive manner. I can’t help but praise my mare, she has proven herself to be a wonderful mother and a lifesaver as well.


Family portrait in September 2013

The foals have grown so fast as well -yes, we talk about foalS nowadays. Elyse adopted the six-week-old colt when his mother died suddenly of abdominal malfunction in July. So sad, but luckily even the darkest cloud has a silver lining. Elyse took this little orphan under her wing right away and has been feeding and looking after those two ever since and all three of them have coped the situation extremely well. If the mare wouldn’t have accepted the other foal, we would have been in serious trouble since he wouldn’t take the milk replacer.  This was truly a silver lining, we could have lost them both without this! :)

The two have got their own fan club already -most people think they are twins, and wonder how it’s possible when we tell them that actually these two have the same sire but different dams…


At Anjala show in September, photo by Satu Pitkänen / Rozpravka Photography

We went to an unofficial finnhorse show in Anjala in September. All three received first prize ribbons and the mare that won Elyse’s class was the overall Best In Show II, so you could say we were kinda proud of our trio! At first we were a bit worried how we could fit all three in the same car but all three behaved themselves SO WELL, they just stood there and wondered what this new box was all about. Of course Elyse is an experienced traveler but the foals were a mystery until we tried.


Double studbook mare and her proud owner. Photo by Satu Pitkänen / Rozpravka Photography

Fun trivia #1: The colours in the ribbons are the heraldic colours of the two regions where this horse breeding association works: Kymenlaakso (black and white) and South Karelia (red and black).

Now the two are quite experienced travelers for their age, in October I took Elyse to two Hippos shows in Kouvola and Lappeenranta to show her for two studbooks -both for riding horse (R) and trotter (J)-studbooks. She didn’t receive any prizes since she only did the ridability test for R-studbook and had so many gallop markings from races that she didn’t receive any for J-studbook either even though her record would have been enough for third prize. Anyway I was happy to have her accepted and most of all to have her conformation evaluated by professionals. It also doesn’t hurt to have comments like “very humble and pleasant to drive” in her evaluation. ;)


“Hold on, mommy’s working!” Photo by Satu Pitkänen / Rozpravka Photography

It was a tiring two-day experience, but  worth it. Now Elyse is a double studbook mare with a brand new register number 2018-05RJ and the foals were also microchipped in order to have their own passports next year -you could say we hit two, or three, or four flies at once.

Right now the three have had it a bit easier, we haven’t traveled anywhere after the shows, this week a vet came by to give the foals their first vaccinations and checked how Elyse’s next foal is doing – all seems to have been going well and we’re still expecting the next little champ for summer 2014, sired by Vieskerin Valo. :)

Fun trivia #2: The two foals’ nicknames are Peppi and Ukko (he received this nickname due to the heavy thunder there was that night he was born (Finnish for thunder is “ukkonen”)).

Only after naming them we realized that those two are also characters of the well-known Swedish children’s book Pippi Longstocking (Pippi’s horse is named Lilla Gubbe = Pikku-Ukko = Little man), so the next foal Elyse is carrying goes by the nickname Tossavainen (Finnish translation for Pippi’s monkey, Mr. Nilsson)


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