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Seven finnhorses in the yearling auction 2013

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The annual yearling auction is coming up in September. There are altogether 80 yearlings for sale, seven of which are finnhorses. See the entire catalogue by clicking the link above. :)

number gender name sire, record dam, record broodmare sire, record
74 filly Mylverin Miina Joihuri 20,8 Putuliina 53,9 Utun Ruutu 24,1
75 filly Ann-Aurora Tutuari 21,1 Ann-Sofi 33,0 Turo 23,8
76 colt Hurja-Tuisku Pikku- Pertti 25,7 Sekent 34,7 A.P. Akana 26,3
77 colt Runoroope Villihotti 22,1 I.P. Runo 35,8 Saran Salama 20,3
78 filly Tuiskuna Tuiskis 21,8 Tillero 28,7 Hilun-Vihu 26,8
79 colt Utumor Tutuari 21,1 Tähtitarha Viesker 19,9
80 filly Mylverin Mimmi Tuokkolan Touho 20,8 Hirnuva 32,8 Vokker 22,3

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