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Erikasson & Marimin, King and Queen 2013

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Kuopio arranged a great Coronation Trot event, and the races were extremely exciting to the last minute! No one could know who would win the King and Queen titles before the last part race (3100 meters), because the differences were so close.

As you know, the trotter king and queen races both consist of three races of 2100, 1609 and 3100m in one weekend. The horse with the smallest combined time wins the crown. For example Trotter king Erikasson has never won any of the part races, but he has won the king title twice by placing well in each part race. This year he placed fifth in the 2100m race (2.55,8), sixth on mile (2.12,8) and third on 3100m (4.25,9), ending up with the smallest overall time of 9.34,5. Tactics plays a great role in this competition.

Both Erikasson and Marimin are already fourteen years old, which only proves that Finn horses may take some time to mature and often have their best racing years at age of ten or older. Marimin has placed second and third in the queen race before but finally she hit the jackpot with her amazing strength and in my opinion truly earned the queen title after years of trying. Erikasson has a huge crowd of fans to cheer him, and what’s there not to like?

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Trotter Queen race


Photo: Hippos

1. Marimin 9.40,4

2. Yllin Kyllin 9.41,1 (+0,7)

3. Sirun Valpuriina 9.42,1 (+1,7)

4. Noriko 9.42,1 (+1,7)

5. I.P. Vipotiina 9.42,5 (+2,1)

6. Vislakka 9.43,2 (+2,8)

7. Aino-Ilona 9.45,6 (+5,2)

8. Kemun Tutu 9.45,9 (+5,5)

9. B. Turolii 9.46,2 (+5,8)

10. Pelikka 9.47,0 (+6,6)

Trotter King race


Photo: Hippos

1. Erikasson 9.34,5

2. Virijori 9.35,0 (+0,5)

3. Camri 9.35,1 (+0,6)

4. A.T. Visku 9.35,9 (+1,4)

5. Boker 9.37,4 (+2,9)

6. Vieskerin Valo 9.38,0 (+3,5)

7. Marat 9.38,0 (+3,5)

8. I.P. Lento 9.41,6 (+7,3)

9. Franko 9.42,4 (+7,9)

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