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Coronation Trot info in English, Swedish and Russian

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Coronation Trot, copyright Satu Meriluoto

Photo: Hippos photo bank / Satu Meriluoto

It looks like there is now a new official translation for Kuninkuusravit, and it’s Coronation Trot. This is the first time I have seen this translation in use, but I have to say, it’s a catchy name and definitely shorter and easier to use than “finnhorse trotting championships” that I have been using. I think I picked that one from some official source too back in the day, but I’ll use this new translation from now on. Just so no one wonders what happened to my updates. :)

So, I’m glad to see that this year the Coronation Trot organizers have been active in many ways, including taking foreigners to consideration when advertising the event. We really do welcome everyone to see our national treasures on the track. :)

I included the English spoken info video to my previous post, take a look!

See more information

in English: The Finnhorse Coronation Trot in Kuopio 27th-28th July

in Swedish: Kungstravet i Kuopio 27-28 juli 2013

in Russian:  Королевские бега в Куопио 27 — 28 июля


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