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Finnhorses in Kallblodstambloggen

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From Finlands Kallblodstravare (3.7.2013)

Saran Salama leading the parade at Suur-Hollola races 30th of June 2013. Photo by Satu Pitkänen/Rozpravka Photography

Annika wrote a post about Finnish coldblood trotters after their racing career in her blog Kallblodstambloggen. She wrote about the two trotter kings Saran Salama and Pette, who have both made impressive careers on track and after that started training dressage. Multitalent gelding Vektorin Maine is performing on race track and in the dressage ring at the same time, training for both disciplines weekly.

These three are just a few examples of the versatile finnhorse.  They are an excellent example of how one horse can bring very different horse people together and how these people can learn from each other.

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