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Finnish Work Horse championships 2013

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Vilpotar is the Finnish work horse champion 2013

From Vilpotar palasi hallitsijaksi suomenhevosten työmestaruuskilpailussa (

This year the work horse championship competition took place at Seinäjoki in western Finland. It is open only for studbook inspected finnhorse stallions and mares (its purpose is basically the same as the finnhorse trotting championships -to serve quality horse breeding). This year’s competition was exceptional for having five first time competitors and five champions from previous years participating.

The horses are given points for their 500 m walk and 1000 m trot times, but the most significant (and the most exciting!) part is the pulling, where the horses pull a sleigh on sand starting with 500-600 kg weight. More weight is added into the sleigh after every two stairs (stair=10 m). This year the best puller Pihan Alma pulled a tremendous 28 stairs, at the final stairs the sleigh weighed about 1 200 kg. It brought her to second place in the overall

Vilpotar & Markku Mässeli

competition after Vilpotar, who renewed her title from 2011 by receiving the highest possible score in walk and trot and finishing it with pulling 23,3 stairs.

See a big photo gallery on Finnhorse Association’s homepage!

Results 2013

1.Vilpotar 2187-97Ta (Vispok – Vilma-Neiti,  Eri-Teräs)  37,3 points

2. Pihan Alma 1348-05T (Kihin Hiski – Ritukka, Karski) 36,4 points.

3. Tähden Piirros 2294-07T (Ventterin Vili – Jojon Tähti, Jaavan Jojo) 34,4 points

4.  Suikun Lukko 1324-95J (Suikun Ero – Luontoriina, Luonnos) 32,8 points

5.  Titaanin Hurmuri 1352-08T  (Murron Titaani – Muskotti, Vilkki) 31,5 points

Pihan Alma & Matti Ahola

6.  M.L. Elviira 1276-00T  (El Vihuri – M.L. Hoppu, Hovi-Paavi) 30 points

7.  Luomutar 1775-01Ta (Luomus Jr – Selissa, Selmeri) 30,9 points

8.  Tähti-Vie 2504-99J (Viesker – Patrikin Tähti, Patrik) 24,7 points

9.  Tennari 1351-02T (Eri-Luonnos – Tutotar, Toto) 21,3 points

10. Laippa 1324-97T (Pysteri – Peliitta, Luonnos) 21 points

11.  Hovingatar 1206-03Ta (Hovi-Ari – Hiiro, Vinkaus) 20,5 points

12.  Vokmarin Vappu 1308-06T (Vokmar –  Ansan Vire, Vireeni) 19 points

13.  Jojoriina 1588-98T (Jaavan Jojo – Peilaus II, Ihme-Puli) 17,3 points

14.  Hovingas 1443-05T (Hovi-Ari – Hiiro, Vinkaus) 13 points

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