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Lohdutus pictured in “the finnhorse trotting championships of all time”

Hevosurheilu newspaper is asking for your the all-time favorite finnhorse royalties. You can choose your three favourite stallions and three mares from these suggested horses or pick your own favorites in the open field. :) The voting is open until 11th of July, so hurry! I have translated the briefs for you, and the links will take you to Sukuposti horse database for photos and more information. :) You might even win a VIP pass to this year’s trotting championships in Kuopio.

Trotter kings Top 20*

MURTO (trotter king 1926 and 1929): The most famous founding sire of finnhorse trotters, won the trotter king title twice. Suomenhevosravureiden kuuluisin kantaisä ja kaksinkertainen ravikuningas. Nowadays found in every finnhorse’s pedigree.

LOHDUTUS (king 1938–1939): Breeder regretted Selling Lohdutus’s sire to the state, so the next colt to be born was named Lohdutus (comfort). The flaxen stallion served his breeder’s house all his life and was immortalized as a bronze statue on their yard after he died.

ERI-AARONI (1943): Inherited his sire Murto’s gift for trotting. Sired five royalties, but won only one trotter king title himself because of the war years. Must be the most significant stallion in the history of finnhorse breeding.

AKAPEETUS (1949–1951): Big boned son of Lohdutus, won his first king title at seven years of age. Without the injury in his leg as a 10-year-old he might have continued his career for years to come.

ERKKO (1954–1955, 1957): Small stallion who won 250 races in his days – at those times the rules allowed one horse to race several times a day. Erkko would challenge even warmblood trotters in a race!

ERO-LOHKO (1958-1961): The older one of the legendary trotter kings owned by the legendary Kaarlo Partanen, yet still not the first horse to bring his name to headlines.

FORTE (1969-1970): Stallion, whose life ended tragically as the ruling trotter king in spring 1971. His best son Vokker grew up to become one of the most significant sires in finnhorse trotter breeding.

VIETERI (1973–1974, 1976-1978): The other trotter king owned by Kaarlo Partanena nd the first horse to win the king title five times. He was the first finnhorse to achieve over 1 million mk winnings. Vieteri won 75% of his races and placed in 97%. Vieteri is also one of the biggest names in modern finnhorse breeding.

VEKSELI (1979–1982, 1984): Brother of Vieteri, who ruled right after his big brother. Won the trotter king title five times, in four of which he won also every one of the three part races (1600m, 2100m and 3100m). Held the Finnish record in every distance.

VIREENI (1983, 1985-1986): This king was a combination of great Finnish horsemanship: Father and Son Allan and Ilkka Korpi drove his races and Vireeni’s pedigree was a combination of Kaarlo Partanen’s kings – sired by Vieteri and Ero-Lohko as the broodmare sire.

PATRIK (1988–1991): Four trotter king titles in a row. Patrik started his career as a three-year-old and proved himself top-class right from the start. Patrik has also sired three trotter kings.

PETTE (1993–1994): Gentleman, who won the king title twice and after ending his trotting career switched to riding.

VIESKER (1996–2000): For many, Viesker is the best finnhorse trotter of all time, and he sure did make the other horses look like tourists in his races. He holds the absolute Finnish record and won the trotter king title five times in a row, first euro millionaire. He Monen mielestä suomenhevosrodun paras ravuri kautta aikain. Sai muut aikalaisensa näyttämään lähinnä iltaravihevosilta. He also won the Elitkampen and Gullsprinten several times, just to mention a few of his wins.

SANTERI DAHLIA (2001–2002, 2005): Three-time king. Pearl of Kauhanen family’s horse breeding career.

APASSI (2003–2004): Two-time king who didn’t give others a chance on his best day.

SARAN SALAMA (2006–2008): Another great horse to for Perttunen family, Saran Salama is just one of their top-class trotter finnhorses. He is the last king so far to win the title several times.

PATRIKIN MUISTO (2009): Jouko Tarvainen and “Patu” gave an impressive show in Lappeenranta in 2009. Their bold racing tactics and trust between man and horse won the audience to their side.

A.T. EKO (2010): A.T. Eko wasn’t the biggest favourite in Oulu 2010, but was convincing in the race driven by Eero Hakkarainen. Einari Vidgren, one of the grand men in Finnish history of horse racing, got one of his biggest distinctions for his life work before he passed away.

VILLIHOTTI (2011): Villihotti won by an inch, when he and Tuokkolan Touho got the same final time after three races. Villihotti’s better placement in the final 3100 m race gave him the king’s crown in 2011. It was also exceptional that these two great horses came from the same trainer, Seppo Suuronen.

ERIKASSON (2012): Erikasson has had tons of problems during the years, but he has always made his way back to the top. He didn’t win any of the part races in Mikkeli 2012, but placed in every race which brought him the crown. He has been tremendously good in his 2013 races, will he show his strength again in Kuopio this year?

Trotter queens top 20*

Sato-Satu and Ero-Lohko being crowned in 1959

Sato-Satu and Ero-Lohko being crowned in 1959

TOMU (trotter king 1930–1933): Overpowered even against stallions in 1920’s and 30’s. Was crowned as the king four times, at the time the queen race didn’t exist. Tomu won 62 of her 74 races.

ILO (trotter queen 1948): The first official trotter queen of all time. Ilo’s son Erilo became one of the top sires of his time.

A.K. TYTTÖ (1953–1954): Won the queen title twice in the 50’s.

SUHINA (trotter queen 1955, 1957–1958, trotter king1956): The only mare to win both trotter queen and king titles. She was faster than any stallion in 1956 and therefore was crowned also as the trotter king (the rules were changed after her win).

SATO-SATU (1959–1960, 1962): Won the queen title for two owners. Pentti Yli-Houhala sold the legendary mare after the first win and Tuomo Mäkelä continued where he left.

HELÄTIN (1964–1966):Mare of extreme endurance. Won 139 of her 308 races and was completely healthy when she retired.

MARINKA (1967, 1969): Marinka was known for her tough character, but that made her a challenger even for the best stallions on the track. Third dam of trotter king Villihotti.

TELLA (1970–1972): “Cinderella”, wo was sold many times as a youngster but always returned back. Hard work paid off when she grew up to become a three-time trotter queen and participated the queen race eight times altogether. “Sisu” pays off.

RIUSKAN-TYTTÖ (1974, 1976): Rare royalty, she didn’t have Murto in her pedigree. Won 57% of her races, grand champion winner.

VEKKULIINA (1984–1986): Kriterium winner (4yo), then gave birth to a foal before returning to race tracks and taking her place in the mare elite. Vekkuliina and Vekseli made history by winning both titles of trotter queen and king for their breeder-trainer-owner Pentti Savolainen in 1984.

VALOMERKKI (1987–1990): the third mare ever to win the queen title four times after Tomu and Suhina.

VIPU (1992–1993): The best trotter from Sakari Vanha-Rauvola’s stable, won the queen title twice. Third royalty for her sire Vieteri after Vireeni and Valomerkki.

LUISTERI (1994–1995): Won the queen title twice and placed second once.

I.P. SUKKULA (1996, 1999–2000): Never-tiring mare, won the queen title three times and placed second twice.

V.H. SUVITAR (2001, 2003–2004): Exceptionally low style of trotting brought V.H. Suvitar three crowns and one second place.

MILIA (2005): Milia gave a thrilling show in the 3100 m race and won the crown of 2005.

B. HELMIINA (2006–2007): Second royal horse from Reijo Brogström stable. The previous one was trotter king Vekke in 1987 -full brother for B. Helmiina’s dam. One of the four trotter queens who have also won the Villimies mare race in Lappeenranta along with Valomerkki, Totina and Vipu.

VELIN VINKE (2008): Small “Ostrobothnia Express”. Seventh queen driven by Antti Teivainen!

I.P. VIPOTIINA (2009–2011): The second I.P.-horse, bred by Heikki Parviainen, to win three trotter queen titles. I.P. Vipotiina is known as a tough mare, but she has a good relationship with his trainer Pertti Puikkonen. I.P. Vipotiina is also a world record holder, Kriterium, Derby and Grand Champion winner.

SIRUN VALPURIINA (2012): Great example of great teamwork behind a horse -Jorma Leppänen, Anu Hyytiäinen, Aimo Vuorisalo and Jouni Törmänen have built this “Sisu queen” patiently for years.


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