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New international coldblood horse race in Romme

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From Ruotsiin uusi kutsukisa kylmäverisille ( and Suomalaiset kylmäveriravurit ovat superhevosia (Sveriges radio)


 “Our aim is to have a race similar to Åby Stora Pris, but for coldblood trotters”, tells Kaj Närhinen, the manager of Romme and Rättvik race tracks.

“We invite eight coldblood trotters from Sweden, Norway and Finland. The race takes place on the last Friday of July (26th). The competition consists of two races, first in 2140 m and then in 1640 m. If one horse wins both races, it wins the overall competition as well. If a different horse wins these races, we will have a third race in 1140 m distance.”

The overall winner has a chance to gather prizes worth 300 000 kr. “The prizes are the same level as in Elitkampen, so we hope to get the best horses to compete. Unfortunately the timing rules out the best finnhorse stallions and mares because the finnhorse trotting championships takes place in the same weekend (July 27th-28th), but on the other hand this is a great opportunity for geldings like Pihlajan Aaroni!”

“We hope that coldblood racing enthusiasts welcome this competition to their calendar. The collision with finnhorse trotting championships is unfortunate, but it’s because the racing calendar was already made when I started here in January and the last Friday of July is a traditional racing day in Romme” says Närhinen.


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