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Splashed white gene found in finnhorses

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From Klemola oli oikeassa: Suomenhevosessa on Splashed White-kirjavuusgeeni! (Leena Alerini at 11.5.2013)

Intiaani is a splashed white! (photo from the source article at

It has been widely argued wether this rare color gene exists in finnhorses or not. Valto Klemola, a scientist who researched color genetics already in the 1930s, said it did, and now his theory has been proved true. Splashed white is said to be extremely rare and wanted color on horses.

There are multiple examples of finnhorses with exceptionally big white markings, both in living horses and in old photos. But still there seems to have been some lack of evidence that wasn’t known until now. The gene test had to wait until 2012. It was made in Davis University in California, and the test showed that this gene is indeed found in the finnhorse.

The horse that was tested is called Intiaani. She was tested for splashed white and sabino genes. Sabino test came out negative, but the current gene technology can only find one of the many mutations that gives the sabino coloring, so she might be a carrier of some other mutation. Intiaani is a heterozygous splashed white, which means that she got it from either her sire Turtuma or dam R.R. Vilma.


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