It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

My first book came out!

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“Hevonen” by Viivi Huuskonen available at the Blurb Bookstore.

Just to inform and celebrate, since I can’t help but be excited about this. It’s a milestone! My first book!

“Hevonen” (horse) is my self-initiated college project. It’s a 20-page book with hard image wrap cover. I made the first order of these books for my friends and family, and got them a few days ago.

I can assure you it’s a quality print job, and I’m very happy with it. The poem I wrote and illustrated for the book is my ode for the horse, a way of showing my thankfulness for everything they have taught me during the years.

You can see the book on e-preview at the Blurb Bookstore. The bookstore price is 32.89€ or 38.24$.

For now it’s only available in Finnish, but here’s a translation of the poem:

“The Horse

They say that you live in a moment
but you have the knowledge of a thousand years in you
from this life and the past.

You carry the weight of the world
silently, without complain.

One earns respect only then
when he stops asking for it
you have taught me that
through countless mistakes.

When I’m telling others about you
I tell more about myself
what I am and what I would like to be.

You show me what I am.
Thank you, my friend, the horse.”


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