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Three Cheers For The Horsey Mums!


From Three Cheers For The Horsey Mums! (

Happy Mother's DaySamantha wrote another great post to her Haynet blog in March 10th, (when the British celebrate Mother’s Day) thanking all those horsey mums who support their children and their horses and ponies over years. Many great horse people stories wouldn’t have had a chance to begin if those parents would have said no to their child’s wish to start riding lessons. in Finland we celebrate Mother’s Day on second Sunday of May.

There are also the mothers out there that do not have the funds or the interest in horses to bring riding to their children to this level, but they find money for riding lessons or sharing a pony. I am not from a horsey family at all, but my mum did pay for me, every week as a child to have lessons at the local riding school. They were still expensive in those days but she enabled me to ride and this is how my love for horses started. This paved the way for me to become involved with horses and without those lessons I am sure I would not have the horse bug that has been with me since those childhood riding school days. (Samantha)

Wood anemone, traditional gift on mother’s day. Photo by Artem Topchiy/Wikimedia Commons

There are many stories like this, including mine. My parents always wondered where did that horse bug come from to bite me, since they had no interest in horses whatsoever.

But my mum let me do it, later on granted my wish of a pony and looking back that must be the best thing that ever happened to me. Every child should have an opportunity to get in touch with animals, and in my opinion having a pony or horse is far from spoiling your child if they learn the right attitude towards life from them: respect, facing ups and downs in life, hard work, coping the pain that is inevitable, yet living one day at a time and most of all, never giving up. And they get plenty of fresh air and exercise while learning these important life lessons, too.


4 thoughts on “Three Cheers For The Horsey Mums!

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  2. Same story with me :) My non-horsey parents made it possible for me to live life with horses and if not for their help and sacrifices it would never have been possible.


    • Yes, especially when horses are not a cheap hobby, and with a big, living animal it is always a high-risk sport. In many cases the mother’s instinct would say no to this but luckily they were able to see beyond the risks and look at all the benefits instead. :)


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