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Video: Coronation Trot 2013

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The biggest and greatest Finnish horse racing event is only 96 days away. The official promotion video for finnhorse trotting championships 2013 was published today.

This is the toughest race of all annual races held in Finland. The participants are the absolute top of the breed and have trained for years. To even get to participate this race is a life long dream for most trotter finnhorse owners, and every year the very best twelve mares and twelve stallions make that dream come true. Tears are not held when the final results are published.

Stars on the video are trainer Timo Vääränen and the first-prize trotter mare Noriko.

Finnhorse trotting championships take place in Kuopio on 27. – 28.7.2013 – see WWW.KUNINKUUSRAVIT.FI

“Finnhorse is our own native horse breed. It filled its duty during the war years and afterwards helped to rebuild the country. Nowadays most of these multipurpose horses are trotters. This sport saved the finnhorse during the mechanization in the 1960’s. The finnhorse trotter is one of the fastest coldblood trotters in the world.

Come to see the best finnhorses 27th-28th July 2013″


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