It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

Recognize the royals -competition on Facebook

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Lohdutus and Eri-Aaroni, not featured in this competition. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

From Kuninkaallinen kuvavisa! (Kuninkuusravit Facebook page)

This competition is not organised by this blog, but I wanted to help promoting it because I love the idea. It requires a bit of investigation work, but is not too difficult task thanks to Sukuposti‘s well organized site. I found them all, can you? :)

The idea is to find names for each horse. All the pictures come from Sukuposti database.

You can find the pictures here.

Do not comment the pictures on Facebook! Let’s give a chance for others too. ;)

  • Send your answers to
  • Just a list: 1. “Horse X” 2. “X and X”.
  • Remember to give your contact information in the e-mail, so they can send you the prizes if you win. First prize is two tickets to finnhorse trotting championships weekend in July.
  • Only correct answers get to participate the raffle!
  • The competition is open until 19th of April, 2013

Translated clues for pictures:

1. What is the name of this Pikkukunkku winner?
2. Trotter king
3. Trotter king
4. Pikkuprinssi winner
5. Trotter queen
6. Trotter king
7. Trotter king
8. Trotter queen
9. Trotter queen, dam for a Derby winner
10. Trotter queen AND the king -you have to know both
11. Pikkuprinssi winner and sire for a trotter king
12. Pikkuprinssi winner

Have fun!


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