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How to bet on Finnish horse races


Did you know that the company that organizes tote betting in Finland works also in English? Fintoto Oy is fully owned by Suomen Hippos ry, and its profits are mostly used for supporting Finnish horse industry.

Fintoto organises tote betting most often to Finnish, Swedish and French harness races. Lately they have organised tote in show jumping competitions and in Irish, UK, South African and Dubai thoroughbred races as well.

You can translate the site to English from the footer, by choosing “Englanti” under “kieli” header:


Not everything on the site translates, but the most important part regarding to betting do. Just choose the race, the game you want to play, your horse(s) and the stakes and send it to the system. :)

Registering to the site is free. It grants you access to Toto TV video archive. Remember to check the live stream option as well, it’s not very expensive and every now and then they even offer it for free.

Placing a small bet makes following races even more exciting!

Placing a small bet makes following races even more exciting! Photo. by Hippos/Pirje Paananen

What bets can I place?

Fintoto’s homepage gives instructions to betting in Finnish, Swedish and Russian. Bet options are somewhat similar to what you have seen in other countries:

Voittaja (Winner) choose the horse to win the race. Horse wins -you win!

Sija (Place) if your horse places 1st, 2nd or 3rd, you win.

Kaksari  (Forecast) choose two horses to place 1st and 2nd. However, it doesn’t matter in which order these two finish, for example  if horse number 4 wins and 3 places second, both bets 3-4 and 4-3 win.

Troikka (Trifecta) choose three horses to finish first, second and third in that exact order.

Päivän Duo (Duo) Choose winners to two races specified beforehand.

Toto4 – Choose winners to four specified races.

Toto5 – Choose winners to five specified races.

Toto65 – Choose winners to six specified races. Toto65 is played only on Wednesdays at Vermo.

Toto75 – Choose winners to seven specified races. Toto75 races take place every Saturday.

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