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The Best of 2012


From Vuoden parhaat 2012 ( 28.3.2013)

Older stallions & geldings

Tähti-Vokker – Erika
Owner Tuikka Helena & Varjonen Jaakko, Breeder Tolonen Riitta-Liisa

Erikasson ja taustajoukot

  • biggest earnings ( 94 900 €) in 2012
  • Trotter King 2012, placed second in Nordic Championship, three T75-wins

Older mares

Turo – Donna-Min
Owners Haukivaara Terhi & Heikkinen Esa, breeder Pentti Haukivaara


  • Best season as a 13-year-old: 61 700€ in 2012
  • Great performance throughout the year from January to December, 29 starts with 8 wins and 8 places
  • Best time 1.21,9a
  • Placed third in the trotter queen race
  • Three wins in T65 races

5-year-old stallions and geldings

A.T. Eko – Imun Ilo
Owner Jaakko Mikkonen, breeder Matti Mikkonen


  • Richest 5-yo finnhorse with 52 440€ earnings
  • K-Maatalous Cup-finale (1p. 10 000 €) winner, Derby winner, L. Fabritius Memorial – Åbofemman-winner

5-year-old mares

Viesker- Cordiitta
Owner/breeder Ravitalli Suuronen Oy

  • Wins in filly- and young horse races, Villimies mare race winner, altogether 7 wins and record 1.25,3a record, placed third in the little king race for five-year-olds
  • 33 600€ earnings in 2012

4-yer-old stallions and geldings

Siirin Älli
Liising- Siirin Piirto

Owner Tapani Krapu, breeders Belt Outi & Idström Hannu

  • Kriterium-, Oulu Express- and Tapiola cup winner
  • new Finnish record for four-year-olds in Oulu Express race
  • Second richest of all finnhorses in 2012 after Erikasson

4-year-old mares

Viesker – Hiskin Vimma
Owner/breeder Pekka Lillbacka

  • Best earnings in 4-year-old mares category, 13 850 €
  • Ilkka-ajo winner

3-year-old stallions and geldings

Veeran Poika
Erikasson – Ruutu-Veera
Owner Palmroth Henri&Kyösti&Terno, Breeder Palmroth Kyösti & Terno

  • 3 starts, 3 wins
  • Varsat vauhdissa –finale winner

3-year-old mares

Liising – Kihin Ihme
Owner/breeder Heikki Karjula


  • Biggest earnings in 3-yo mare statistics 9 850 €
  • 3 wins in 2012


g. Laaserin Kuva
Laaseri – Peilikuva

Owner Teija Lehtonen, breeder Lasse Ritala

  • Nordic Championship winner in Sweden 2012

Work horse

s. Suikun Lukko
Suikun Ero – Luonto-Riina

Owner Jarmo Korkeaniemi, breeder Markku Pajunen.

  • Work Horse Champion 2012


s. Corleone
Erovisku – Karine

Owner Talli Hermannin nuorisoseura. Breeder Mitja Nummenmaa & Petra Rantala

  • Dressage Champion 2012
  • 7 st, 5 wins, 2 places

Show jumper

g.  K.P. Sampo
Teme – Helli-Eeva

Owner Tmi Laura Niinimäki & Damski Saara. Breeder Kauko Pietiläinen

  • Show jumping champion 2012
  • 6 st, 4 wins, 1 place

Pony-sized finnhorse

s. Vuohimäen Havu
Ellun Voi – S.O. Jessiina

Owner Miina Äkkijyrkkä. Breeder Helena Lindahl

Vuohimäen Havu

  • Silver medalist in finnhorse driving championships
  • Finnish Championship silver medalist (all breeds)
  • Baltic Cup winner in Lithuania with fastest marathon time, Baltic Cup silver medalist in the final results
  • Second in Finnish combined driving  pony ranking
  • Part of the Finnish national team


r. Tuli-Kisa
Rallaus – Kisa-Posti
Owner Ida & Emma Björkman, Breeder Juha Mäkelä.

  • Eventing champion 2012
  • 7 st, 2 wins, 2 places

Combined Driving

r. Hessin Vihtori
Vahto – Vilkku-Valo
Owner Leena & Hannu Kalalahti, breeder Heidi Sinda

  • 2012 Combined driving champion (ponies)
  • Finnhorse combined driving champion
  • Baltic Cup pony class winner
  • Ranking winner of all driving horses with 202 points.
  • 9 st, 7 wins, 2 second places in 2012

Author: Viivi

I'm a Finnish horse enthusiast. This blog is my tribute for the national horse of Finland. I started in 2009. My aim is to provide information about this multipurpose horse breed in English, in all its variety -as a historical and cultural figure, modern sport horse, friend and a companion.

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