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Patrikin Muisto renewed his title at Levi

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From Levin jääraveissa huimat 4269 katsojaa (

Patrikin Muisto, ice king 2013

Patrikin Muisto’s second win in the Ice King race. Photo by Pekka Mäkelä/Pohjolan Sanomat

Arctic Horse Race Levi has already formed to be an annual event. Ice races are a traditional form of horse racing in Finland, taking place literally on frozen lakes. Levi lake is situated nearby the biggest ski resort in Finland, so it is also a great place for tourists to visit while enjoying their holiday in Lapland. Late March is an ideal time for the races, being most often very sunny and not too cold.

Arctic Horse Race Levi 2013 was the third of its kind and broke the new visitor record with 4 269 sold tickets. This is about 700 people more than in 2012.

Patrikin Muisto renewed his title as the Ice King. (He must have known it was the St. Patrick’s Day! ;) His winning time 1.29,3a/2100m is also the new track record, the fastest winning time ever for a finnhorse in Levi. With flat curves and the fact that the race took place on ice, this is very good. Patrikin Muisto is known as the trotter king from four years ago, and won also the Ice King title in 2011.

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