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First Coronation Trot rankings


From Franko ja Marimin kuninkuusravirankingien kärjessä ( 12.3.2013)

Marimin has been absolutely astonishing during the winter.

Marimin has been absolutely astonishing during this winter. This picture was taken in Tampere 2011.

The finnhorse trotting championships weekend is without doubt one of the biggest events of the year for finnhorse- and Finnish harness racing enthusiasts. We all dream of the day when we could have a trotter king or queen of our own. These horses have always been the absolute top of the breed.

The horses who get to compete for the grand prizes and glory are chosen by their earlier accomplishments. This year the point system has been changed to emphasize the more recent races, which gives the winter stars good points for this first ranking list. The ruling king Erikasson, just like many other open level stallions, hasn’t started his season yet, and these rankings will still change several times before July.

Franko was inspected in 2012

Franko was inspected in 2012

Queen race candidates
1. Marimin
2. Sirun Valpuriina
3. Edla
4. B. Helmiina
5. Pelikka
6. Hopihopi
7. B. Turolii
8. Kemun Tutu

King race candidates

1. Franko
2. Rikelme
3. A.T. Veli
4. B. Vilunki
5. Visul


Author: Viivi

I'm a Finnish horse enthusiast. This blog is my tribute for the national horse of Finland. I started in 2009. My aim is to provide information about this multipurpose horse breed in English, in all its variety -as a historical and cultural figure, modern sport horse, friend and a companion.

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