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“Finnish woman is like the Finnish horse”

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Arvi Lind, photo from the original article

“Suomen naiset kuin suomenhevosia”-Arvi Lindiltä räväkkä aloitus naistenpäivälle Ylen Aamu-tv:ssä (8.3.2013)

Happy women’s day, folks!

Women’s Day celebration seems to get bigger and bigger every year in Finland as well, at least according to news headlines. People celebrate it in variable ways, for some it’s Valentine’s Day all over again and other take it as a reminder about the gender equality questions that are nowadays mostly taken care of, but it wasn’t that long ago when mares where not  horses and women were not people. But that’s another story!

Finnish woman and Finnish horse – similarities much? (photo from the original article)

I came across this funny quote by Finnish retired news anchor Arvi Lind. He told the interviewer that he had used this metaphor before, but was misunderstood. What he meant with it, was that Finnish women can do anything, like finnhorses.

Finnhorses can work as draft, trotter and riding horses, whereas a Finnish woman can be a successful career woman, a mother and lover at the same time. We should respect them for their work for our society, was Arvi’s message.

Some people take offence when compared to an animal, some even commented that Finnish women and horses have nothing more in common than short and hairy legs, but those of us who really know and value these horses take this metaphor as a compliment. :)


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