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There is nothing Suikun Lukko can’t do

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From Kuukauden työhevonen: Suikun Lukko (

Suikun Lukko finnhorse

Suikun Lukko at Jyväskylä 2012

Stallion Suikun Lukko 1324-95J

b. 10.06.1995
si. Suikun Ero
d. Luonto-Riina (Luonnos)
Breeder Markku Pajunen, Hämeenkyrö
Race statistics: 1.24,6 a – 1.26,8, winnings. 32.746,00€, st. 147, 9 – 10 -22

Offspring (until 2012):

Born Name Reg. Record Winnings Photos Dam
2003 s Maistro 1420-03 28,3ake-30,1ke 13 780 EUR (27.5.2011) 9 Vokmai 1671-90J
2011† m Pihlajan Rakas Viptyttö 1268-01
2009 m Lukon Mimmi 246001S00091315 1 Kristal 1997-00
2009 m Soul-Sisko 246001S00091689 1 Jats-Tyttö 2370-92
2011 s Tine 246001S00111257 Hultan Inkku 1635-03
2012 m Silkitär 246001S00121173 Viitaritar 1486-06

Jarmo Korkeaniemi bought Suikun Lukko as a yearling. Suikun Lukko’s very well-built legs and hooves caught his eye at first. The colt was also very co-operative and kind. The best thing in this colt was that there were no downsides, Jarmo smiles. The horse has always been exceptionally humble towards human.

Suikun Lukko made an impressive career as a trotter: he placed third in Erilo-race as a five-year-old, placed second in finnhorse monté championship race in 2005 ridden by Tiia Tirkkonen and made a new Finnish record in monté at the age of 14, ridden by Susanne Klemola.

In the year 2012 he became the work horse champion. His trot time was 1.33 and walk 5.50. He pulled 19,2 stairs. Working has been a part of his training since the beginning, Jarmo and Suikun Lukko started with bringing firewood home when he was three years old. After his trotter career he has had a job as carriage horse in weddings and other special occasions, and Jarmo says Suikun Lukko is also his “personal therapy horse”, making every grey thoughts disappear once he harnesses his beloved horse.

Suikun Lukko has also tried a few other disciplines: he has attended in horse swimming competitions held annually at Kurikka. He hasn’t won anything from those competitions, being more interested in enjoying the nice, cool water than swimming fast. Another interesting fact is that he has also been shown at endurance riding competitions.

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