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Hilton Hurra lives up to expectations

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From Kuukauden työhevonen: Hilton Hurra ( free & shortened translation

Hilton Hurra 1778-94Ta
stallion, born 14.6.1994
Breeder Pekka Raudasoja, Ylivieska
Owner Anna Hälvä, Ylivieska


Breed Born Country Gender Name Photos Dam
sh 1999 FIN mare Marylin 6 Rosemary 2154-84
sh 2008 FIN mare Sirjetta Mirjetta 2067-03
sh 2003 FIN stallion Hurran Toivo 12 Toivekuva 2309-91
sh 2012 FIN mare Merimaja 4 Santamaan Santra 1004-98
sh 2012 FIN mare Virin Suvi Nösviri 1402-05
finnhorse stallion Hilton Hurra

Photo from the article, © Minttu Koponen

Hilton Hurra has a quite rare pedigree, his sire line leads to Kirppu and maternal line leads to Hali. Hali’s line is told to produce horses with great working moral, same as Kirppu’s line, and Hilton Hurra truly lives up to these expectations. Pekka Raudasoja tells that he likes horses of this pedigree since they are very friendly and well-serving by nature. Anna says that Pekka is a walking dictionary of finnhorse pedigrees, so he is worth listening to.

Anna Hälvä began training Hilton Hurra for riding in 2008.The stallion has shown potential in riding, being a faithful worker and eager learner he has been easy to train. He was inspected for T-studbook with a driving test in 2010 and competes also  in dressage and show jumping with increasingly improving results. Hilton Hurra is a result of successful co-operation between a dressage rider, an old-school horseman and a harness racing trainer. By combining the know-how of each discipline the results can be this good: a horse that can do anything.

Hilton Hurra’s website


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