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Setting goals for 2013


"This year, I'm going to use more of my own photo footage"

“This year I’m going to take more photographs and use them on my blog”

It seems we are always waiting for something -better weather, better times, summer, winter,  next year… Well, now that we all have survived that horrible end of the world, we can take anything, right?

Amanda blogs about her experiences as a plus-size rider and she wrote a good post about setting goals. A simple but very effective way to reach your goal is to have a list. Put it on the paper, refrigerator door, start a blog, anywhere you feel is the best. Put them in order and start from the first smaller goal on your way. It is cliche to say that small steps are those you need to achieve something, but it’s true. There always has to be that first step and it often is the hardest one. Once you have a direction, you have to keep with it.

A list is a good way to map the path to your ultimate desired end result, and an excellent way to be able to look back, midway through your journey and say “look how far I have come already”. If you don’t give yourself credit for the journey, how are you supposed to enjoy the destination?

Figure out what you want – what you really want… whether it is to ride at all, or to ride a dressage test with your horse. Figure out the steps that will get you there and write them down, and then work toward each component on your list. It is easy, when you are far away from your goal, to get mired up in how long it is going to take you to get there or how many hurdles you have to go over to make it to the desired end result. I find that breaking things down into smaller, managable targets to achieve helps you not to get frustrated or discouraged, and allows you to feel success and bolster your self confidence sooner, which I think helps you to continue to achieve your goals. Once you have accomplished something and feel good about yourself for doing it, the next task becomes that much easier. (Amanda)

My personal goals would include getting the best out of my time in Ireland, horse-related goals would be to try out different things, spend time in the saddle and enjoy it without always trying to achieve something but also keeping in mind that there has to be goals or otherwise that competitor inside won’t settle. The golden middle road, as they say.

The blog visitor statistics have grown remarkably this year and hopefully reached new interested readers, welcome to you all newer and older visitors! It seems there are many good reasons to keep blogging and promoting the Finnish horse to the world.

During this new year’s eve I am also doing something that is very rare for myself -look back and think about what was good in this year. There were a few things, but for once I am counting the successes instead of failures. Like Amanda there said -“If you don’t give yourself credit for the journey, how are you supposed to enjoy the destination?” So it’s not only about the goals -it is also about congratulating yourself for reaching them.

What are your goals for the upcoming year? With your horse, your life?


3 thoughts on “Setting goals for 2013

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  2. I have been more long-term oriented, mentioning the 10 things I would like to do before the world ends here! Let us say that two points could be the goals for 2013 :)


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