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New Year Resolutions: Barn Politics

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Making a change and sticking to it seems to be one of the hardest things for most people to do.
– Leo Babauta (zenhabits)

Barn politics – how people behave and get along with each other at the  stables – is sometimes hard to handle and causes more stress than is really necessary. It can be really small things that cause arguing, even bullying.

The time spent at the stables should be fun, leisure time for boarders and a pleasant place to work for the employees. Some people seem to even pursue to make their mood better by the cost of others and fail miserably to improve the real problems they might have in their personal lives and even create a bunch of new problems in the process.

These vicious cycles in relationships seem to be hard to cut. Yet there are people who seem to be able to solve the problems before they become big. How could we all improve to be those people? How could we all be better stable mates in the upcoming year?

Other bloggers have pondered these same questions in their blogs and gathered a few good tips for improving the atmosphere at the stables as well as in your life overall. The atmosphere around the barn affects not only people but horses as well.

One of my resolutions for 2013: Less stress, more happiness!


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