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Coldblood trotters of the North



Swedish Järvsöfaks ruled the north for years before his retirement
Photo by Don Wright

I have written quite a few posts about trotter finnhorses, but all of the northernmost Scandinavia is known for their coldblood trotters. The coldbloods compete in their own races as a part of harness racing scheme as well as the standardbreds and French trotters. Sweden and Norway have their own coldblood trotter breeds and the Finnish use mostly finnhorses.  Finnish races are also most often open for Swedish and Norwegian coldbloods as well, but so far other countries offer races for finnhorses not as often.

But what kind of horses are these coldblood trotters (kaldblodstraver) are and what makes them different? Mostly they are very similar: heavier draft horses have been bred with lighter type horses, pursuing lighter body structure and speed in trot. They are all good for any discipline though most often used in harness racing.

The records are currently held by Swedish and Norwegian trotters but the Finnish still stand up for their own horses by stating that Finnish horse is still the fastest breed in general, not just relying on a few exceptionally talented individuals. I haven’t seen any official statistics, but as the best of all three breeds meet in Nordic championship races annually at Turku, it has been so for the few last years that the gold medal has been taken to Norway or Sweden but the Finnish horses have come in to places from second to fifth quite often.

There could be more co-operation in northern harness racing, I’m not necessarily meaning crossbreeding (there has been discussion about that too) but for starters giving space and racing opportunities to all of them, equally between the three countries?

What do you think?

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