It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

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Lately I have found a few very interesting blogs that I would like to show to my readers as well, just in case you haven’t found them yet. Mostly riding oriented blogs this time, but I’ll keep looking for all kinds of horse related blogs to read, feel free to suggest if you  have a gem to share!loveyourblog

SH Dressage
Originally Finnish dressage rider living in UK at the moment, training and schooling horses for dressage and writes inspirational blog posts when she’s not in the saddle.

Confident Horsemanship
“Putting you & your horse in good hands. Building trust, respect & confidence between horse & human.”

Interesting texts about horse philosophy and riding.

Rosie Jones Horses
“Going global…7 months travelling around the world keeping an eye out for horses and horse people as I go…read our latest news here”

Anna Kilpeläinen
About riding and schooling horses (in Finnish).

For more horse blogs, try Haynet!


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