It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

Why wouldn’t a finnhorse be good for riding?


Terhi wrote an interesting and heartwarming post on Kisamatkalla blog a few days ago. She wondered how some people are still claiming that finnhorses have no use as riding horses at all.

Sigh. I thought we were pass this already.

Honest, reliable, strong.. and other positive features

Honest, reliable, strong.. and other positive features to describe the finnhorse. (Helpin Tyhti, photo by Heini Luttinen)

Ok, let’s face it: finnhorse is not a Grand Prix horse. I give you that. BUT, how many Grand Prix riders are there? Not that many either compared to the number of riders overall. Not everybody even wants to compete. For the vast majority of riders, a finnhorse is most often just as good as any other horse. They can do it, it’s a matter of schooling and training. Plus they have a bunch of other features that make them so loved by their owners.

Hear it from a competitor:

Finnhorse is honest, brave, versatile, trustworthy and steady to ride.

Then who is a finnhorse rider? A rider, who values honesty. Working with a finnhorse is rewarding, even more than with other horses. Finnhorse wants to co-operate. Of course nothing is free, but they give more than they take. Finnhorse is good for anyone, regardless of age, level or chosen discipline.
-Terhi (translated)

They can. And they can also look GORGEOUS doing it!

They can. And they can also look GORGEOUS doing it! (Haavekuva, photo by Jasmina Sulkumäki)

There are horses that have made their way to open national level dressage, show jumping and eventing competitions, even won them. Yet again, not every finnhorse can do it, but amount of those who can is increasing. There are different horses, different riders and different goals. What is remarkable is how many different needs one horse can meet.

Not every horse or horse breed is for everyone. But just like it’s not okay to judge reindeer by its red nose, it’s also not okay to judge a horse breed to be good for nothing just because you don’t like it. Let’s just ride and let others ride as well. Or are these judging people afraid that somebody riding these “lazy, stubborn front-heavy drafts” might win them in a competition? ;)



5 thoughts on “Why wouldn’t a finnhorse be good for riding?

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  3. Nice blog. I saw pictures of a finnhorse on a swedish forum… that horse was so pretty! (The pictures on your blogs are also very nice… I look forward to reading more about finnhorses :) )


    • Thanks and welcome!
      It’s kinda hard trying to describe what it is in them, there’s just something majestic in these heavier-built horses, don’t you think? ;)


      • Yeah a bit more power :) though I have to admitt I’m a sucker for lean slim sportier type of horses (I like speed …) i just stumbled over the gigantic pony that I’ve been riding for the past year :)


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