It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

Finnhorse colors: Sabino


Sabino is the only gene finnhorses have that causes colouring in their body. Most often it shows as a blaze and high socks, sometimes also white spots somewhere else in the body (Stallion V.P. Jehu is a good example of this kind of colouring). It is quite unpredictable how much white is finally found in the foal, if any, but in very rare occasions this gene can produce even almost completely white horse, like what happened with Vekselin Ihme. Only his ears a re brown! :D

Quite famous example from early stages of finnhorse breeding is Valokas, the only trotter king that was never accepted for studbook because of his color. His genetics still seem to have passed through to quite big-blazed grandson Vieteri, a legendary trotter stallion with over 700 foals progeny, many of which have those big markings and even clearly shown sabino spots on them. Wonder what would have happened if the biggest names of finnhorse breeding of all time, Murto and especially Eri-Aaroni, would have been banned because of their coloring… Notice those socks and blazes on them as well. What a mysterious color this is!

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