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Anything is easy with Hiluten Virite

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From Kuukauden työhevonen: Hiluten Virite (työ

Hiluten Virite

Hiluten Virite 2225-02PTa

b. 20.4 2002
s. Hilute
d. Virimo
Breeder Elina Hokkanen, Tuusula

Hiluten Virite is owned by Jarkko Hokkanen and his daughter Elina. Both her sire and dam were also Hokkanen family’s horses. Virite is a true multipurpose horse, since she has had time to try harness racing, draft work and has also been ridden. Being a pony-sized finnhorse makes her good for any finnhorse breeding section. Virite has performed in various occasions, for example in weddings, and offered young people their first touch to horses in riding. The smaller the rider, the more careful is the horse, says Jarkko. Being born and raised next to a fireworks factory, Virite felt like home when she starred in a short tv-series Tauno Tukevan Sota (Tauno Tukeva’s war), the closest bang being shot only 40cm behind the horse.

Virite has had one foal, sired by El Vihuri, which is also Jarkko’s own horse. Hiluten Virite has been inspected to P- (pony-sized) studbook with 1st prize and 39 points and Ta-(work horse with driveability test) studbook with 2nd prize and 40 points. Jarkko recalls the first inspection going just as planned, when the judge handed Virite’s reins back to Jarkko and described the horse with one word -Perfect.

Original text by Kirsti Forssen, photos by Kirsti Forssen & Tanja Lundsten


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