It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

Finnhorse colors: Roan


Roan gene adds white hair on horse’s body, making it look a bit gray. The difference to gray colouring is that roans don’t turn more whiter as they age and their heads and legs remain darker than the rest of the body. Nowadays only one mare line produces roan horses, beginning from Sonja, a mare born in 1936. The only remaining roans seem to be related to  Sonja’s grand-grand-grand-daughter Taika-Tyttö, her two chestnut roan-coloured daughters Taikuriina, leading to young Taikan Muisto and Taika-Miku who had two bay roan daughters Taika-Varpu and Taika-Vappu, whose first foal Kadelma Kuu seems to be a rarity as well, a palomino roan! Taika-Varpu has had three rare-coloured foals up to date, of which Taikahuure being the first (and only?) roan-coloured finnhorse stallion in decades.

A small finnhorse from Karelian Isthmus, Finland, photographed in 1909. Source: Wikimedia Commons


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