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Horse of the year-voting is open

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From Ravigaalassa palkitaan vuoden parhaat (

The annual Ravigaala (Trot Gala) awards the best horses, trainers and drivers for their accomplishments. Three of the awards are chosen by voting, and these three are Trainer of the year, Driver of the year, and the most interesting for many, Horse of the year award. There are traditionally two warmblood trotters and two finnhorses to choose from, this year those four are the rising international star Brad de Veluwe, furious racing mare She Loves You, ruling trotter king Erikasson and queen Sirun Valpuriina.

Click here to vote!

(Vuoden valmentaja=trainer of the year, Vuoden ohjastaja=driver of the year, Vuoden hevonen=horse of the year, Yhteystiedot=contact information, Nimi=name, Osoite=address, Puhelinnumero=phone, Sähköposti=e-mail).

The voting is open until 14th of December. All voters have a chance to win one of the five 100€ gift vouchers to Finn-Tack!

The Ravigaala takes place 18th of January in Tampere, Finland.

Ravigaala 2013 Hevoset! from Pauli Talikka on Vimeo.


One thought on “Horse of the year-voting is open

  1. your blog is very interessting i like it and follow it , have a great continuation .


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