It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

Finnhorse Colors: Palomino & buckskin


Palomino is still a quite rare colour on finnhorses, but is growing in popularity -fast. Hevosurheilu newspaper (Friday 16th November issue) even wrote that palomino-coloured Voiveikko was the most popular R-stud of the whole season 2012 with his 30 mares! Buckskin is even more rare -the first known buckskin finnhorse (after beginning of systematic registration) was born just a few years ago.

#edit -a few smoky black (thanks for Sirpa for the right term here..) finnhorses do also exist, for example mare Matta.


5 thoughts on “Finnhorse Colors: Palomino & buckskin

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  4. The English term for “mustanvoikko” is smoky black.


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