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Finnhorse breeders with websites in English

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Photo: Hippos/Pirje Paananen

I haven’t updated the bookmarks category for a while, mostly because I rarely come across sites I haven’t already introduced or just are not that good so I don’t feel like showing them around. (In general I would suggest stable owners try to get their sites at least up and running, and spare a few thoughts for the sitemap and design!)

On the other hand I understand that horse professionals are very, very busy with their stables and horses, but then again, a website is nowadays often the first thing that possible new customers see. There are people who can build and manage a website for a small fee, that could be an option for many, and a good website could pay itself back.

Anyways, these four finnhorse breeding stables have an updating website with at least some information in English. :)

Hessi-talli has an About page with a summary of their business in English.

Loimihaka has contact information and a note that they can provide service also in English, Swedish and German. Also, quite nice website overall. Some effort has been made!

Equine College Ypäjä is not a private stud, but one of the biggest, if not the biggest individual finnhorse breeder in Finland and they also sell horses every now and then. And they do have a summary version of their site in English as well as on their ESSA profile page.

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