It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

Ride a finnhorse -equestrian holidays in Finland

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Northern Lights, photo by pcw

Trail Riding Union of Finland aims to increase co-operation between stables that offer trail riding services as well as combined marketing and development of their product.

Finnish stables offer rides on many different horses, such as Icelandic, Norwegian and various other breeds. I have combined a list of stables that specialize in our native horses for those who are interested in riding a finnhose in particular. See even more trail riding possibilities here.

Southern Finland

Maastotalli Prerya, Lohja

Western Finland

Kylämäen hevostila, Marttila

Länkimäen työhevostila, Siikainen, specializes in Finnish draft horses.

Jaakkolan Rustholli, Nakkila

Central Finland

Kokkomäen Talli, Keuruu

Eastern Finland

Luonto-Taipale, Mikkeli


Hethen Ratsutalli, Levi

Kamisak, Ivalo

Polar Lights Tours, Lehtiniemi

Scandinavian Tour

Ed Dabney organized a one-week tour around Sweden and Finland in 2012.

Have you been to Finland for an equestrian holiday? Where were you, how was it?


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